Denmark: New Government Swears to Deal with Immigrant Problem

Daily Stormer
June 29, 2015


The situation in Denmark keeps looking better and better, and if they continue on this path, they may well formulate a vision for a New Europe.

We’re hopeful.

Irish Times:

Denmark’s new government, a one-party, centre-right, minority administration, has announced plans to tighten up asylum laws and freeze spending to balance the budget.

The centre-right Venstre party came third in the recent general election with 19.5 per cent, but leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen secured enough support from Denmark’s conservative-liberal block in parliament to oust the centre-left coalition government.

The new administration, Denmark’s smallest in four decades – only one government, in 1973, had fewer members in parliament, with 22 seats, and it lasted 14 months – will be heavily dependent on support of opposition centre-right parties on a vote-by-vote basis – in particular from the populist Danish People’s Party (DF).

The Eurosceptic, socially conservative party refused to join the government after Venstre refused to back its social spending promises.

In a nod to the DF, Mr Rasmussen said his new government would present a draft immigration Bill next week with tougher asylum rules, after saying in the recent election campaign that migration had got “out of control”.

If one country is able to free itself, the rest of Europe will recognize it as possible and thus do what needs to be done.