Desperate Hohols Now Deploying Cripples

Mango, a tank gunner.

This has been happening for at least a year.

It’s just now that the Western media is deciding to report on it.


Ukrainian commander Odin’s lower leg was blown off in a mine explosion last year. Now he’s back in the trenches.

“Odin,” huh?


“I had offers to go back to my local academy as a teacher or to work at a draft office in Odesa,” the 32-year-old from the 28th Separate Mechanised Brigade told Reuters from a cramped bunker on the front line in the eastern region of Donetsk.

“I said I’m not interested in these positions.”

Commander Odin.

Mango, a 28-year-old tank gunner, saw his hand shredded by shrapnel two years ago during fighting in Mariupol before he was captured by the Russians. He too has returned to the front, as logistics chief for a battalion in the Azov Brigade, which held out for months in defence of the southern city.

Held out in an underground complex with a bunch of civilian hostages.

Not exactly noble and brave.

Ukraine’s drained and depleted army needs all the help it can get. It is being driven back by its far larger, more powerful enemy around the eastern city of Avdiivka while coming under increasing pressure at other sections of the front.

Oh, you mean they are “losing the war”?

What sort of a thing is this? This language?

“They are being beaten back by a much more powerful force.”

But no one says “losing the war”?

The two soldiers are among thousands of Ukrainian troops who have lost limbs since Russia launched a full-scale invasion in early 2022. While the Kyiv government declined to share data on casualties, which it deems sensitive, Pryncyp, a leading human rights organisation representing military personnel, put the number of amputees from the war at between 20,000 and 50,000.

Stupid lie.

Try about 250,000.

Battlefields are littered with mines, while artillery and drone attacks are a constant menace, meaning the grim number is rising steadily.

Reuters interviewed 20 military amputees for this article, seven of whom had returned to the army or intended to do so. For many of those able to do so, the desire to support their beleaguered comrades on the battlefield remains strong.

What a bunch of retards.

“My limbs got blown off, but I want to lose even harder.”

Just give up, faggot. It’s so over.

Masi Nayyem, co-founder of Pryncyp, said it was fairly common to see soldiers with artificial limbs still serving, though he didn’t know how many had returned to the military and how many had entered civilian life.

The nature of their role will often be decided by the extent of the injuries, said Nayyem, who lost an eye in combat in June 2022. Soldiers with amputations below the knee, for example, are often deemed fit for service in support units but not for highly mobile or specialized roles, according to Pryncyp.

Tony Bloomfield, operations director at the British military charity for limbless veterans Blesma, said it was generally extremely rare for soldiers who have lost a limb to return to the conflict, but that this was happening in Ukraine.

Kyiv is desperate to replenish its ranks.

Soldiers say they are outnumbered and outgunned along the 1,000-km front line in the east and south of Ukraine. During Moscow’s months-long assault on Avdiivka, some Ukrainian troops said they had been outnumbered by around seven to one.

7-1 is the lowball number.

The Jewish comedian Zelensky is now saying it doesn’t matter how many troops he has if he can get advanced American weapons.

Are American weapons more advanced than Russian weapons?

Actually, not really.

This is insane. At this point, the only way to look at the continuation of this war is as a way for the West to clear out the population of the Ukraine (particularly the Russian-speaking population) so they can seize the resources and then move in huge numbers of Africans to repopulate the land.

And a way to make more money for “defense” contractors.

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