Twisted Jew Sicko Zelensky Backs Israel, Says Iran Like Russia, Demands Enemies of Jews be Destroyed by America

Every war is caused by the Jews. Mel Gibson said it years ago.

The situation is ridiculous, watching this Ukraine war, then this Israel war, and watching no one make the connection that it’s all Jews.

It’s just exhausting that no one says it, and if you say it, they destroy you. In order to prove they are powerless, Jews will use their incredible power to destroy you.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has condemned Iran’s missile and drone strikes against Israel on Saturday, drawing parallels between Tehran’s actions and Russia’s tactics in Ukraine.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, President Zelensky wrote that “Ukraine condemns Iran’s attack on Israel.” The Ukrainian head of state added that his compatriots “know very well the horror of similar attacks by Russia, which uses the same Shahed drones and Russian missiles, the same tactics of mass air strikes.”

Did he condemn the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus?

No, in fact, he did not.

That attack was very similar to the tactics of the Ukraine.

Kiev and its Western backers have repeatedly claimed that Iran has been providing Russia with its kamikaze UAVs, and that Moscow has begun producing them under license. Russia has never confirmed these allegations.

Iran, however, did acknowledge in November 2022 that it had supplied Moscow with a “small number” of drones a few months before Russia began its operation in Ukraine.

In his latest statement, Zelensky accused Iran of posing a threat to the Middle East, claiming that there is “obvious collaboration” between Tehran and Moscow.

Yeah, well – you cooperate with ISIS, Jew.

According to the Ukrainian leader, Iranian strikes on Israel on Saturday should serve as a “wake-up call to the free world,” which needs to deliver a “resolute and united response.”

In a thinly veiled reference to the political deadlock in the US that has seen Republican lawmakers block President Joe Biden’s foreign defense aid package for months now, Zelensky urged the US Congress to “make the necessary decisions to strengthen America’s allies at this critical time.”

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed concern over “another dangerous escalation in the region” and urged “all parties involved to exercise restraint.”

Responding to a call by Israel’s ambassador in Russia, Simona Halperin, to condemn Tehran’s actions, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed out that Israel has never once denounced Ukrainian strikes targeting Russian civilians.

On the contrary, Israeli officials have repeatedly expressed support for Kiev, the diplomat noted, suggesting that Moscow therefore has no reason to stick up for Israel.



Relations between Israel and Russia are very bad.

Russia has said the Golan Heights are sovereign Syrian territory and has been setting up bases along the edge of this occupation.

People pushing for Israeli escalation are writing these op-eds about how Russia doesn’t want a war in the Middle East. Because that’s the logic these people use: “We should escalate in the Middle East because Russia wouldn’t like it.”

In reality, the US only has so many resources, and a full-scale Iran war would mean some kind of surrender in the Ukraine.

In terms of the global chessboard, a war in the Middle East is also just much more hopeless than even a war with Russia.

It’s unfortunate, but the best thing that can happen right now is for Israel to escalate, and to drag the US into a war with Iran. That would be the beginning of the end.

It’s probably going to happen. I don’t really see why it wouldn’t.