Detroit: Homeless Black Serial Killer Suspected of Murdering Four Hookers (Two Were White)

Deangelo Martin.

But I thought all serial killers were supposed to be white men???

What else could those dastardly Jews be lying about…

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Detroit police have submitted four homicide warrants for Deangelo Martin, who is suspected in a series of killings, Chief James Craig said.

Detroit police are waiting for prosecutors to make a charging decision. Police also revealed the cause of death for three victims tied to the serial killer case.

Nancy Harrison, 52, was killed March 19 by blunt-force trauma to the head, officials said.

Yvonne Cobern, 45, was killed June 10 by blunt-force trauma to the head, officials said.

Trevesene Ellis, 53, was killed May 5. Her cause of death is still unknown.

Tamara Michelle Jones, 56, was killed June 5. A cause of death has not been determined, according to authorities.

A possible fifth case is currently pending, police said.

Martin is heading to trial on four counts of sex assault and assault with intent to murder.

Note that if he is found to have killed a fifth woman, he’ll have killed as many whores as Jack the Ripper.

But I guess serial killings were a lot more shocking back in the 19th century, because we didn’t have all these monkeys running around chimping up the place.

Nancy Harrison, left, and Yvonne Cobern. The other two victims were colored.