Dim-Witted White-Hating Dindu Female Gets Job at the London Daily Telegraph

Morgoth’s Review
March 21, 2015

A great new addition to the Telegraph line-up! So much to offer!

When conservative journalist Peter Oborne wrote an explanatory article on why he left the Daily Telegraph he included a passage that I thought rather poignant.

My grandfather, Lt Col Tom Oborne DSO, had been a Telegraph reader. He was also a churchwarden and played a role in the Petersfield Conservative Association. He had a special rack at the breakfast table and would read the paper carefully over his bacon and eggs, devoting special attention to the leaders. I often thought about my grandfather when I wrote Telegraph columns.

One can only imagine what Lt Col Oborne would have made of the changes forced upon the Telegraph since Jewish media boss Jason Seiken took over. The descent seems to be limitless, a once proud and decent publication of traditional conservative, Christian values now has openly Anti White Cultural Marxists writing for it. Yesterday must have been the latest of many new lows as the paper introduced conservative Middle England to Judith Wanga, who describes herself as a Black Nationalist who likes to ”lecture uppity white people”.

In the interests of investigative journalism, I decided to see who this new face of the British intelligentsia was, by checking out her Twitter feed, where she calls herself ”Congolesa Rice.”

 Be warned, diversity of this nature may offend you!


Modern, inclusive Britain’s finest intellectuals try get to grips with the issues of Post Modernity

This person actually writes for a British Broadsheet Newspaper!


According to the Telegraph ” The first issue of The Daily Telegraph in 1855 declared ”We shall be guided by a high tone of independent action”.

Those days, like the days of  Lt Col Oborne, now seem to be over.

Feel free to stop in and pay a visit to Congolesa on Twitter @judeinlondon.