Doctors Say They Have No More Compassion for Unvaccinated Americans

We are just going to have to kill the unvaxed.

If they won’t take the vaccine to protect themselves from the deadly virus, then we have no choice but to kill them.

The Guardian:

Now more than ever before, medical professionals are drained from the relentless grief and trauma of the pandemic. But it’s more than the volume of patients that’s the problem: they’re dealing with the dissonance of unvaccinated patients, and constraints of the health system, leaving them without the tools to do their jobs the way they were trained to do. The stakes are high for a workforce facing this psychological and emotional toll – doctors are given little support or leeway for mistakes and suffer professional consequences when they disclose mental health problems.

Some of what they’re experiencing can be encapsulated in two terms, experts say: moral injury and compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue is the feeling, ‘It’s hard to care when you’re overloaded but still dedicated to the task,’” Dr Kernan Manion, executive director of the Center for Physician Rights, said. “Moral injury occurs when the nurse or doctor feels that, ‘The patients I’ve dedicated my life to treating are now here because of their own negligence and now they’re imposing upon me and my team to treat them, while also exposing us to continued danger from this virus.’”

Obese people are sick because of their own negligence. What does Dr. Kernan Manion think of treating them?

Dr Anita Sircar, a California-based infectious disease doctor, can’t help but feel angry at patients that are life-threateningly ill from Covid-19 but could have avoided their illness by taking the vaccine. “Compassion fatigue was setting in,” she said in a widely shared op-ed. “For those of us who hadn’t left after the hardest year of our professional lives, even hope was now in short supply.”

Dr Leah Brown, 46, “received every vaccine known to man” when she was on active duty in the military for 12 years. Now the Arizona-based orthopaedic surgeon is frustrated by the unvaccinated population that is making the pandemic feel like a battleground. “Medicine is based on science and experts. I don’t know when expert opinion or expert knowledge took a backseat to politics,” Brown said.

The consequences of the Covid surge are severe for Brown’s patients. She is forced to tell them that they can’t have their shoulder replaced or a spine operation because there are no ICU beds or nurses to do the surgery. She worries that people will continue to get sicker and stressed without timely care.

As this weighs heavily on doctors across the country, their own options for seeking help can be limited. Unlike other professions, physicians exposed to the occupational hazards of their jobs face multiple barriers to mental health care. They can be asked invasive questions about their mental health history in applications for a state medical licence, hospital privileges, credentialing by insurance providers, and medical malpractice insurance, or risk their medical records being subpoenaed in the event of a lawsuit. They can be sent to a Physician Health Program (PHP), controversial programs that were established to help doctors in difficult times. Doctors die by suicide at the highest rate of any profession.

We probably have the most liability of any profession, so if you don’t follow the standard of care, not only are you judged and ostracized by your peers, we are punished,” Brown said. “We’re having to work through all of that in the face of navigating willfully non-compliant patients who would rather poison themselves [with therapies that haven’t been tested] than help with a public health disaster.”

Dr. Brown admits that if doctors go off script and think for themselves, they are ostracized and punished.

It’s no wonder these weak-willed scumbags are going along with the virus hoax while pretending to be heroes.