Don’t Go to America – You Will be Killed

This foreigner bitch turned up dead in a ravine in Columbus, Ohio

I saw this retweeted by the ugly censorship activist and former neo-Nazi Hilter lover (associate of Andy Warski) Ian Miles Cheong:

I thought “what retards. Who actually thinks like this?”

America is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

People come here and just get killed.

New York Post:

An Ohio State University graduate student who vanished last month was found dead last week in a remote quarry, according to officials and her family.

The body of Amina Alhaj-Omar, 25, was found Wednesday, her family said, according to WCMH.

The remains were discovered in a quarry behind a BP gas station where she was last spotted, her family added.

Columbus police told the news station officers found the remains in a “remote area.”

It’s unknown at this time how she died.

“We are devastated by our immense loss, but we also thank God every single day for blessing us with the privilege of knowing and loving her beautiful soul for the last twenty-five years,” Alhaj-Omar’s family wrote in an obituary.

Her family said in an obit that the student at Ohio State went missing on June 10.

While her initial disappearance set off a frantic search, it was suspended 19 days later after all leads were exhausted, authorities said at the time, according to WCMH.

“While the investigation is still ongoing, the active search for Miss Omar has concluded,” police had said.

Alhaj-Omar graduated from Ohio State with a bachelor’s degree in criminology before she began her graduate-level studies in social work, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

We are not lucky to live in America, and these foreigners are not lucky to come here.

America is a shithole and the only people who enjoy the experience of living here are women, homosexuals, and Jews.

Foreign sluts like to move to America because it is a vaginal paradise. Then someone kills them and dumps them in a ravine.

For the record, El Salvador now has a BASED Bitcoin dictator and went 365 days without a murder. Most of the Third World does not tolerate crime. America is unique in that it actually has a pro-crime government.

Like all those retards dying fighting for anal in the Ukraine, Amina Alhaj-Omar should have stayed home.