Don’t Vote for the Child Murderer Donald Trump. Don’t Vote for Anyone.

Remember which niggers kept telling you “oh no, Trump will be better this time!”

I said they were retards from the beginning for even talking about the election at all – it’s like taking pro-wrestling super seriously when you know for a fact it’s fake.

But even I had no idea that Trump would go ultra-kike. This nigger was running around promoting abortion for months, then we get Gaza and he went ultra-maximo-zio-mania. Now this nigger is saying he’s bringing back the lunatic Indian mass-murderer – the ultimate Jew-lover, who makes Bill Kristol and Max Boot blush with her pro-Jew sentiment!

He’s saying that he is going to put her on the team!

I’m not even saying that every nigger that was supporting Trump after the fake election is some kind of shill or satanic agent. Although, quite frankly, you do have to wonder about the status of the souls of the people who were defending him on the abortion thing. What I am telling you is that these people are stupid – they were wrong and I was right again.

I’m sure that some of these people who were shilling Trump 2024 are going to start distancing themselves from it now. Now that it has gotten to the point that it is effectively a parody of itself. [Note to editor: I did not mean for that to be a complete sentence. It is a stylistic choice. I’m now rereading Cormac McCarthy as part of a sick experiment, so with the way I sponge up stylistics, even weirder things are to come. Don’t delete this particular note. We’ll give the reader a look behind the curtain, to find that instead of a guy with a machine, I am actually the real Wizard of Oz.]

Anyone still pretending Trump 2024 is serious at this point has to be some kind of shill or satanic cultist attempting to do a sick ritual against you.

What I am saying is very simple: do not vote.




Voting is consent. You are quite literally signing a piece of paper and agreeing to be governed by these people. I am starting to believe that this actually is some kind of mass satanic ritual. Along with Cormac McCarthy, I’ve been reading medieval demonology (not the real source material, which is a lot closer to Chaucer than it is to Shakespeare, but various 19th century books about the topic), and demons are very clearly obsessed with getting the humans to sign papers of consent.

Boomer votes for pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-war, pro-vax candidate because “at least he’s not that other guy.”

We kind of all know the Faustus story though, right?

I don’t want to go too hard on this point, but basically, I’m convinced that when you check that box for a baby-killer – whether he is killing babies in Gaza or in the womb, and Trump is saying he’s going to do both – you’re making a deal with the devil.

The response from boomers is always “well, you gotta play the game, it’s politics, man, it’s the lesser of two evils, you gotta make compromises, man, it’s the way politics works, you can’t get everything you want.” [Note to editor: intentional run-on sentence, kind of a commentary, just leave this note in too, and just leave this sentence in the note in run-on form as well, this is also a type of commentary, or some might say it’s pushing the joke too far, something that I always respected Norm MacDonald for doing.]

Where has this “lesser of two evils” shit led? What single thing has gotten better since you were born? What single thing has gotten better since your dad was born? What single thing has gotten better since that German guy with the mustache died in a bunker with his wife in 1945?

Nothing ever happens. Everything just keeps getting worse, as all of these political commentators tell you to sign these consent forms (ballots).

Well, I’m going all the way in: don’t vote.

Be the change you want to see in the world, or whatever other gay inspirational quote that is actually true, but do not sign the consent form for Donald Trump to kill unborn children in this country and already born children in Palestine.

Seriously, think about it for 17 seconds:

  • A devil appears
  • He asks you what your heart’s desire is
  • You say “I want to stop all of these brown people coming into my country”
  • The devil says “sure thing, champ – please just sign this form endorsing the mass murder of children, and I’ll get right on that immigration thing”
  • Immigration never stops, because in fact – surprise, surprise – the devil is a liar

Do you feel me, my nigga?

Can you smell what I’ve got cooking?

(I’m cooking a Jesus cake. I guess we’d call that “baking.”)

And of course I get all of the “oh so you’re saying there are no solutions???”

This is such a low IQ take.

Yes, I am literally saying that there are no political solutions, and that politics is a gigantic scam. I’m saying you are the solution, my dearest parasocial friend and my brother in Christ.

Can you make your life good? Can you be good to other people? Can you take care of yourself and take care of others who deserve it when they need it? Can you build a community of traditional white Americans?

Can you live like a Christian?

Because, my sweet brother: if all Americans were doing that, we wouldn’t be in this situation with the kikes riding us like animals in the first place.

This is what the 77-year-old baby-killing slob Donald Trump is endorsing: Nimrata Randhawa recently went to “the Jew state of Israel” (it’s actually called “Palestine) and wrote “finish them” on a Jewish bomb.

The Independent:

Former US presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has sparked outrage by writing โ€œFinish Themโ€ on an artillery shell during a Memorial Day visit to the Israeli military near the border with Lebanon.

Photos of the former South Carolina governor writing on the bomb were shared by Israeli parliamentarian and former envoy to the United Nations, Danny Danon, who accompanied the American politician.

Ms Haleyโ€™s message also carried the words โ€œAmerica lovesย Israelโ€.

So, I mean, there is a lot you could say about that.

Most of what you could say doesn’t even need to be said.

What I will say is: speak for your own fucking country, you vile satanist cunt. If you want to write “India loves Israel,” then that’s your prerogative, but you are not American and you do not represent me, my family, my community, or my ancestors.

She was running around with one of the worst kikes – that UN representative who is always making those outrageous threats against the entire world.

If “politics is about compromise,” then how about “fuck politics”? How about trying that one on?

All of these politicians are completely worthless, and they’ve never accomplished anything. The commentators are all just shills for the political system.

And yes, I did support Donald Trump in 2016. I stopped supporting him briefly after he was elected, but then started supporting him again before the election, because I knew all this stuff Biden was going to do with the virus hoax and the wars and so on. I knew it would be worse than Trump. I don’t regret it. Trump wasn’t supporting killing babies in or out of the womb at that time.

It would maybe take me some time to reflect on whether or not I would have done something differently or not. My immediate thinking is that I would not have. But it’s something I need to think more about, and work through in my writing. Instead of giving you stupid pointless hot takes on politics as we run up to the election, I’m going to be deconstructing politics and explaining why it is pointless at best (and at worst a satanic ritual to get your consent for satanic actions).

I want to understand on a deeper level what it means to be a Christian, and I am certain that as I do that, I will gain a deeper understanding of everything else.

But here is something I am clear on: don’t sign a paper that says you agree with killing kids.