“Draft Tucker PAC” Runs First Ad Spot

The new “Draft Tucker PAC” has run its first ad spot, calling for Tucker Carlson to be president in 2024.

The PAC is run by former Texas congressional candidate and Republican donor Chris Ekstrom, someone I’d never heard of and who does not have a Wikipedia page. He is fat and weird looking.

He has run for office multiple times, and never came close to winning. These are the results of his most recent attempt to get into Congress in Texas:

District 13 – also the name of a film about people being racist against humanoid insect immigrants – covers the panhandle, where the biggest city is Amarillo and people are presumably very conservative.

Tucker Carlson is claiming that he does not want the job. However, every single “Draft [Someone]” PAC that has ever existed did so with the knowledge and usually the support of whoever is being “drafted.” It is often intended not necessarily for the current cycle, but to get the idea out there. For example, there was a “Draft Biden” PAC formed by the Jews in 2015. Presumably, the people who founded it legitimately looked at Hillary Clinton as a weak candidate, but it was also clearly done with his approval to see what kind of traction it got. Of course, after Clinton lost, money poured into it, and Biden would eventually “hear the call to action.”

No one wants to challenge Donald Trump at this point. Ron DeSantis has been made to look terrible, like some kind of usurper snake. People also hate him because he is so fat and retarded looking.

However, with his show off the air, and some informal deal with Twitter in the works, Tucker does not have much to do, and he is probably thinking about this idea. I never really trusted that he was a real Trump loyalist, and his actions have largely proved he is not. During “Stop the Steal,” he called out Sidney Powell for being filled with horseshit regarding her claims of voting machine hacking. That was fair enough. However, he did not talk about the real vote theft which everyone witnessed, which was the fraudulent mail-in ballots, and then the shutdown of the count at 3 AM in virtually every major swing district so they could bring in more fake ballots.

Despite the fact he had talked about mail-in ballot fraud before – and the likelihood it could happen – he went on the air during the post-election period and acted like the election was “fair” and the real “fraud” was to do with tech companies suppressing Trump. (It was all about tech companies, which becomes interesting if you look at Tucker’s connections.)

I used to be a big supporter of Tucker Carlson. Even after he failed to call out the fraud, I defended him, saying that Trump should have done a better job organizing against it instead of sending Rudy Giuliani out to random parking lots.

There is no way he “meant to book the Four Seasons Hotel and accidentally booked the parking lot of Four Seasons landscaping,” which is the official story on that photo. Why would a landscaping company let you book their parking lot? Also, a landscaping company called that no doubt has experience with being confused with the hotel chain. This thing with Powell and Giuliani was obviously sabotage. We know this now. It’s very obvious in hindsight.

But there was a lot of confusion. I understand that. The post-election period was marred by a very effective disinformation operation by the intelligence services, culminating in the January 6 hoax.

However, since then, Tucker has:

  • Promoted gay “anal marriage” and said we all support it (false)
  • Said that white people who defend themselves from race attacks are all Nazis (false)
  • Claimed that the historical angels of the Bible and from the experiences of various saints were actually aliens (also false)

These are very big problems.

These statements, along with many others he’s made over the last year or so, show that he is not actually in-line with the average conservative at all. He is pro-gay, anti-white, and anti-Christ.

What other strange views does he have? No one knows, but we’re likely to hear about them in his various interviews, given that when he’s not reading from a script, he starts saying all sorts of bizarre and offensive stuff.

However, he is also very popular.

He would be a good pied piper for the masses of stupid goyim, telling them to shut up about the white thing when we are finally a minority in the country and we are being systematically discriminated against by the government and every institution on a scale we presently cannot even imagine.

For the record, the countdown on the sidebar of this website is most likely much too conservative. It is the most conservative possible estimate. The data (which is the only data available from official sources) is also very old, and does not take into account the rapid changes that are happening now. Frankly, I think the graphic is quite wrong. My estimate would be that we will be a minority around 2035, and this will also be the point at which they’ve trained up enough of the young wave of second generation immigrants to take over the entire government and all the institutions.

Here’s Nick Fuentes – the real guy who we should be drafting – talking about this issue on a recent live stream:

(Please note: Tucker Carlson hates Nick and has actively tried to sabotage and smear him.)

As we’ve witnessed for decades, blacks cannot run institutions, and presumably do not want to. However, you now have entire generations of Indians, Arabs, Latinos, and others who have been raised to have extreme hostility to white people. The first large generation of these people is late millennial, as the real serious invasion (“legal” and illegal) began under George W. Bush. You also have an entire generation of mulattos in this same age cohort, who tend to be much more aggressive and hateful towards whites than their full-blooded ancestors.

We are looking at a situation where whites are going to be treated in more or less the exact same way that Israel treats Palestinians.

Many people do not know this, but nearly 20% of the population of Israel proper is Palestinian.

These are the “good ones” – what the Jews call “shabbos goyim” or what we used to call “house niggers.”

These Palestinians are allowed to live and work freely in the country, but are absolutely second class citizens. Meanwhile, the people in the other Palestinian territories, which are claimed by the Jews, are simply slaughtered like pigs whenever the Jews feel like it.

Aside from Gaza, which is run by Hamas, the leader in the territories is Mahmoud Abbas, who is a Jewish shill. He whines about stuff, but somehow never gets anything done, and the Jews just keep grabbing more and more land, shooting and bombing more and more people, as Abbas tells people to stay calm because he’s talking to the United Nations.

This is the role I could see Tucker Carlson playing in a future America – the shill leader of the whites who are not directly cozied up to the brown masters. He will keep telling you not to be racist, and to just stay calm.

He’s not actually going to be president. No Republican is ever going to be president again. If you can’t see that at this point, I don’t know what to tell you. But Tucker could run for president in fake elections, and serve as a fake leader who pacifies the whites as we are exterminated or forced to flee our homeland.

Tucker already went to Iowa last year for a “potential candidate” event and gave a speech.

It’s all very obvious to me now. There is no other person young enough, with the credentials and persona, to lead whites to the slaughter during this transition period. No one is going to rally around Ron DeSantis, and he’ll probably be dead of a precocious heart attack in 10 years anyway.

Meanwhile, if we follow the Palestinian analogy through, Nick Fuentes and the America First movement will be like Hamas – the true defenders of the homeland – of blood and soil – against the invaders.

(Note: This is of course an analogy. Insofar as Hamas is actually a “terrorist organization” – and they’re really not, they’re an elected political party with a defensive militia wing, basically modeled after Hezbollah – the analogy would end.)

Tucker will be meeting with Brown ZOG, and Nick will be denouncing him as “reprehensible” and accusing him of “betraying the blood of the martyrs.”

No one is going to regret shilling against Tucker early – I can promise you that.

He is out there right now talking about how the biggest problem in America is Chinese people – and not even the Chinese people here, but the Chinese people who literally live in China on the other side of the planet.

That’s what he says the number one issue is.

What does that mean?

It means he’s a shill, saying “hey – look over there!” while our own government continues to destroy this country.