Drinking and Smoking are Not Against Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™

The thing is always happening again: we rolling, they hating.

Why do they be hating? There is only one reason: haters are going to hate.

Just to be clear: the Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ that me and the boys are planning on inflicting on America is not going to ban alcohol or cigarettes. Alcohol and cigarettes are healthy and increase vigor and vitality. God Himself drank alcohol. Tobacco is a New World product (fun fact), but I see no reason to believe that Jesus would not have smoked if he’d been born in an age of smoking. Smoking is literally good for your health.

Gambling is a complex issue, and morally, if it is done either for simple fun (small stakes) or there is skill involved (i.e., most card games), it is not sinful. The old school American policy of limiting gambling to certain cities (Las Vegas and Atlantic City) is in keeping with Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™. However, loot boxes will be banned.

Here is an abridged list of other things that will be banned under Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™:

  • OnlyFans whores
  • Pornography
  • Being a stupid bitch
  • Women talking in public
  • Jews
  • Crime
  • Divorce
  • Slut clothes
  • Women talking loudly in private settings
  • Women voting
  • Disney Star Wars
  • Virus hoaxes
  • Black people rioting
  • Immigration
  • Gays
  • Women going to college
  • Neo-Nazism
  • Blasphemy
  • Communism
  • Jewish people
  • Atheistic teachings
  • Paganism
  • Satanism
  • Child molestation
  • Women yelling
  • Women tricking people
  • Drugs
  • Cops having a sub-100 IQ
  • Cops hassling people
  • Usury
  • Jewlike behaviors
  • Abortion
  • Birth control
  • Condoms
  • Radical actions
  • Manipulating people with fantastical hoaxes
  • Public nudity
  • Seed oils
  • Abusive pills
  • Corporations lobbying the government
  • Foreign governments lobbying the government
  • Dual-Citizenship
  • Dirty tricks
  • Jewish tricks
  • Swindles
  • Women in the government
  • Rape hoaxes
  • Personal income tax
  • Property tax
  • Living on welfare
  • Affirmative action programs
  • Women screeching
  • Harassing federal judges at steakhouses
  • Abuse of the peasantry
  • Sodomy
  • Unjust scheming
  • Strange tricks
  • Deranged swindles
  • Shiftiness (including jiggery-pokery)
  • Being a Jew
  • Being Jewish
  • Practicing witchcraft
  • Witches
  • Satanic acts
  • Teaching children to have gay sex
  • Family courts
  • Hate crimes laws
  • Pleading insanity as an excuse for committing a crime
  • Letting insane people loose on the street
  • Banning guns
  • Banning felons from owning guns
  • Price gouging
  • Monopolistic corporations avoiding government regulation
  • Starting wars for no reason
  • Plotting to take over the world in an irresponsible manner
  • Spying for Israel
  • Telling people they can’t boycott Israel
  • Sending money to Israel
  • Black people attacking random people on the streets
  • Drive-by shootings
  • Drug dealing
  • Cops trying to get people to do terrorism
  • Stopping people from speaking
  • Banning people from the internet
  • Criminal practices
  • Human sacrifice
  • Animal sacrifice
  • Mutilation
  • Male circumcision
  • Drunk driving checkpoints
  • Police harassing people for no reason
  • Forcing people to wear masks
  • Forcing people to stay inside their houses
  • Forcing people to take vaccines
  • Voter fraud
  • Poor people voting
  • Pornographic music marketed to children
  • Abusive female teachers
  • Putting children on mind-altering drugs
  • Globalist conspiracies
  • Freemasonry
  • Pederasty
  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical companies lobbying doctors
  • Carcinogenic food
  • Hormones in meat
  • Feeding people plastic
  • Government spying
  • Dishonest advertising
  • Billboards with naked people
  • Falsely claiming that it is healthy to be fat
  • Lesbianism
  • Fraud
  • Interracial marriage
  • Japanese people trying to make everyone into pedophiles
  • Foreign aid
  • Bizarre experiments
  • Attempting to defy death
  • Wizardry
  • Women holding conferences
  • Monopolistic media colluding to lie to people while also colluding to silence people who question them
  • The government working with multinational corporations to destroy small businesses
  • Substituting sugar with corn syrup
  • Packaging food in petrochemical-based plastic
  • Pit bulls

There are of course more things for the ban list, but over all, the Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ we are planning will give people a lot more freedom than they have now.

We just want a healthy society, but we believe that personal freedom, guided by Christian morals, is the path to a healthy society.

For example: China recently set a limit on how many hours a day people can play video games. Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ does not support the government forcing people like this, but it does believe in the spirit of the thing. The spirit of the thing is different than the process of enacting it. If the goal is “boys shouldn’t play video games more than 20 hours per week,” then you can use positive incentives to reach this goal, rather than the negative incentive of government bans.

The reason Chinese men play too many video games is the same reason Western men play too many video games: they do not have a wife and children to work for and support. But under the Chinese system of using the government to force something, you can’t solve the root problem, because the government can’t directly force women to get married. Instead, using a positive incentive of teaching women from childhood that they should get married young, and shaming women who don’t get married young as anti-social and whorish (also shaming their fathers as irresponsible, bad fathers), you create the same outcome of men spending less time playing video games, because they are going to be married and want to work to provide for their children.

Pictured: Man who games only 10 hours per week
Pictured: Man who games only 10 hours per week

In other areas, the Chinese system of government force would work in the West (and has before) – for example, banning pornography. Pornography is a product that is produced and distributed by businesspeople, rather than an individual behavior, and is therefore subject to government regulation.

Similarly, the government should not (and cannot, in actuality) outright ban all forms of fornication, but it can ban contraception, and encourage a pro-family social normativity, which dis-incentivizes fornication generally, while also not directly targeting individuals and their fundamental ability to make personal choices.

As a general rule, the government should maximize personal liberty while also shaping policy in a direction that encourages free people to behave in a pro-social manner. Clearly, society is complicated, and making just laws is a complicated process. There are “gray areas” in any system of laws. However, the goal is to have a clear desired outcome for society, and to base the rules around creating the desired outcome. The Chinese more or less have the same desired outcomes as Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ has in terms of end-game social order, but Asians generally (and the Chinese specifically) are much more collectivist than white people, and therefore tend to lean much more heavily on government authority than Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ will. The Chinese also tend to pass laws and then enforce them very casually, whereas whites prefer to have a much more concrete legal structure – in practical terms, this means whites must have fewer regulations on the individual.

Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ is an inevitable reality. The more people who have a clear understanding of what it is, the closer we are to achieving it. Someone who believes that drinking, smoking, or casually gambling with small sums for entertainment purposes are actions against Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ does not understand Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ (or is lying on purpose), and therefore cannot argue against it in a valid manner.

Unfortunately, censorship – most specifically of me, Andrew Anglin – has created a situation where frank public discussions are not possible. This leads to Jewish organizations such as Right-Wing Watch being allowed to spread malicious nonsense, while no dissenting person is allowed to respond and explain the issue to the public.

I am open and willing to discuss and debate anything with anyone, but instead of discussing and debating things, the Jewish establishment silences people that disagree with them and then spreads mystification and confusion.

Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™ is not only pro-family. It is also both pro-peasant and pro-business, and would be endorsed by virtually everyone who is not some kind of freak if we were allowed to freely evangelize for it, and explain what it is in contrast to the current system.

The current system has no stated goals at all (save to change the weather, which is a fake goal). The unstated goals are clearly to make everyone on earth into a homosexual, to destroy the white race, and to permanently entrench Jewish people as eternal rulers of the galaxy. Very few people would agree to this if it was stated plainly, and thus we have stupid, weasel nonsense about “democracy,” “equity,” “our values,” “who we are,” “rules-based order,” “liberal world order,” and so on and so forth. No one knows what any of those terms mean, because they don’t actually mean anything. They are only defensible in an environment of total censorship.

If censorship were to be repealed, dominos would fall quickly, and within a matter of a few short years, Nick Fuentes would be installed as the King of America, and the people would live in peace and freedom under Draconian Version of Fundamentalist Christianity™.