Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Want to Pay Black Americans Trillions in “Reparations” for Slavery

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2019

Elizabeth “Strong Knee That Hisses” Warren just disappointed all of her fellow native Americans by supporting reparations for blacks because of slavery, forgetting that the real reparations should be paid to the native American peoples that were killed and robbed of their country.

As we all know, the United States of America actually belonged to the Indians, and we just took the already-made world superpower away from them.

It seems Warren and Harris don’t know that though, because they only mentioned reparations for blacks.

The Hill:

Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who are both running for president, have reportedly said they support reparations for black Americans affected by slavery.

The New York Times reported Thursday that Harris affirmed her support for reparations in a statement after agreeing last week with a radio host that reparations are necessary.

Warren has also said she supports reparations, according to the Times, though her campaign declined to provide further details to the newspaper.

Supporters have said the policy is necessary to address slavery and other racist parts of U.S. history. Such a move could cost several trillion dollars, according to experts.

We could look at numbers, we could go into statistics, and we could go full autism, but we don’t really need to do that to know that we don’t have to pay reparations to anyone.

White people don’t have to pay reparations to anyone.

Everyone else has to pay reparations to us.

Starting with blacks.

Blacks enslaved in white countries were the luckiest blacks in history.

Yes, blacks brought to white countries as slaves were better off than those that stayed in negroland. If you want to see what negroland looks like today, you can take a look at Africa, Haiti, or any other country where blacks are the majority of the population.

Keep in mind they look like this after white people gave them insane amounts of money, technology, science, access to all of our knowledge, education, and everything else you can think of.

They weren’t just saved from Hell, they were brought into the best countries in the world, and their descendants are the most privileged blacks to have ever existed.

African-Americans are the most privileged blacks in history.

They received for free all of the benefits our people had to work so hard to create. They got science, medicine, technology, knowledge, education, and they even got access to white women, who are known to be the most beautiful women in the world.

If those blacks back then hadn’t been enslaved, no black could have ever experienced what it’s like to live in a civilized country.

Blacks today have opportunities their ancestors couldn’t have even imagined.

Slavery was a net gain for them and a net loss for us.

How about they start paying us reparations for being such an insufferable bunch of monkeys after we’ve given them everything good they ever had?

They have the monopoly of “interracial” rape. There are no white men raping black women, yet blacks won’t stop raping our women. They commit the most violent crime, yet they’re not even a fifth of the American population. They receive the most aid, yet they contribute the least to society.

Slavery was the best thing to ever happen to blacks.