Elon Calls for the QAnon Shaman to be Freed! He’s a Political Prisoner! Let Him Out!

The new footage released from the Capitol Storm shows that the QAnon Shaman was not only totally peaceful while in the Capitol, but after Donald Trump tweeted that people should go home, he started helping to evacuate the building.

The whole time he was being prosecuted, he was giving interviews saying “how would I know this was a crime when I was invited in and escorted around by the police?”

Elon Musk has called for his release.

The Shaman didn’t know it was a crime because it wasn’t a crime. There was no real crime. The real crime was first the murder of Ashli Babbitt, and then the prosecution of these patriots for crimes that are not real.

This whole thing was a total scam.

Remember, they did those hearings, talking about how it was terrorism and worse than the Civil War?

It was all a lie, and with this new footage being posted everywhere, no one can really deny it was a lie. I mean, they can, but only the stupidest morons would believe them.

But it doesn’t matter anymore, because it’s too long past the event. This happens constantly – they do these horrible, lunatic hoaxes and spread the hoax everywhere, and then years later they say “oh yeah, that was a total hoax – sorry about that.”

But it doesn’t mean anything this long after. No one is even thinking about January 6. The Democrats milked it to death, and now it’s dead, and no one cares. The damage is done.

Yeah, they could let these people out of jail. That only seems appropriate. They could vacate their sentences and pardon them, officially, so this isn’t on their records. But politically, in terms of the narrative, it just doesn’t mean anything.

But yeah, I mean – the Republicans should be pushing to get these people out of jail. They probably won’t, because they are completely worthless.

Also – can Kevin McCarthy go ahead and release the files on Charlottesville as well?

I’d really like to free my people from the system.

We need to free James Fields.

My nigga Jim is gonna be nearly 500 years old by the time he gets out.

Let his ass out now.

He didn’t do anything wrong.