Elon Claims Neuralink Let Man “Tweet with His Thoughts”

Elon is now claiming that guy with the brain implant is tweeting his thoughts using Telepathy.

From what I understand, he didn’t actually just send out his thoughts, but rather, used his thoughts to use an on-screen cursor and click through every letter on an on-screen keyboard. That is a lot different than what it sounds like Elon is saying, which is that the chip can understand full words from the brain.

From everything I’ve seen, he’s only got this cursor.

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The tweet sounds like he has a Twitter app installed in his brain.

By the way, this “moving the cursor with your brain” thing was done years ago by several different researchers.

New Scientist has an article explaining that this is not new:

Reinhold Scherer at the University of Essex, UK, says it is too early to tell if Neuralink’s first human trial has succeeded because the company “does not publish enough information to form an informed opinion”.

“While the video looks impressive and no doubt required a lot of hard R&D work to get to this stage, it’s unclear whether what’s been shown is new or groundbreaking,” he says. “Control looks to be stable, but most of the research and experiments they have showed so far are mainly replicating past research. Replication is good, but there are still major challenges ahead.”

Neuralink is far from the only group investigating this idea. Many academic groups and commercial start-ups have already run human trials and succeeded in correctly interpreting brain signals into some kind of output.

One team at Stanford University in California placed two small sensors just under the surface of the brain of a man who is paralysed below the neck. Researchers could interpret the man’s brain signals when he thought of writing words with a pen on paper, and convert them into readable text on a computer.

Actually writing words is a lot more impressive than moving the cursor. If Musk had gotten to that level, they would show the clip, even though they won’t publish any research data.

Everyone is acting like Elon has done something amazing with the cursors, because apparently they haven’t read about this other research.

Elon is saying you’ll be able to buy this and have it implanted and use it to control your phone in like, 2030. This seems really unlikely.

It’s important to remind people: Elon Musk is deeply tied to the US Military Industrial Complex, developing rockets and spy satellites. For the record, Stanford University is one of the main schools used for defense-related research. Presumably, the military would say they want to use this technology for a super-soldier/mech type program, but they presumably also want to convince people to install these in their brains so they can manipulate their thoughts.

Definitely, you don’t want one of these chips in your brain.

That said, I do think the capacities are going to end up being rather limited. The kind of thing that these people envision, which is using AI with your thoughts, directly accessing information by thinking about it, would, in my view, drive a person insane very quickly.

The same thing is true for life extension technologies. I do not think they will work beyond 120 years, which is the high-end of what the human body is currently capable of. All of these various “transhumanist” type schemes appear to have fundamental problems.

Further, if brain chips and AI actually did allow for people to upgrade their intelligence in this way, the people in the government would be using it as a weapon against you, regardless.


Apparently, the question of what a “tweet” is called on “X” has been answered: it’s a “post.”

What genius branding!