NYC: Robots Replacing Human Masseuses, Manicurists, Friends, Doctors

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New York Post:

At this NYC spa, the “hands” of the masseuse giving you a rubdown may not be pumping with blood but filled with data.

Aescape has created the first commercially available fully automated AI masseuse that’s a bit more advanced than your average mall massage chair — and works faster than your favorite masseuse.

For $60, anyone who downloads the Aescape app can book a 30-minute session. It’s expected to be available to the public at 10 Equinox locations across the Big Apple this spring — and no, you don’t have to be an Equinox member.

The Aescape AI-enhanced massage tables use two robotic “arms” to scan the user’s body — clothed in friction-free clothing provided by the company upon arrival — in order to generate over 1.1 million 3D data points to map the body. From there, it can identify key anatomical points to guide the “hands” to perform a targeted massage, which can be controlled from a touchscreen directly under the headrest.

Our robots move in a way that feels very familiar. That’s what’s really important,” Eric Litman, founder and CEO of Aescape, told The Post. “This had to feel like something that you already understand. But at the same time, we really wanted to empower the capabilities that could be delivered only through technology.”

AI-powered robots can do anything from giving you a manicure for $10 in 10 minutes — at Rockefeller Center, Hudson Yards and JFK Airport — to being your grandma’s high-tech helper.

For a state-of-the-art manicure, stylistas in a hurry can insert a nail color cartridge — like loading a pod into a Nespresso machine — into a Clockwork machine, which uses both AI and 3D technology to outline the nail and fill in a professional-looking polish change in less time it takes some to choose a nail color.

To combat the loneliness epidemic, New York state officials have even distributed robots to hundreds of elderly residents that can remind them to take their medication, help contact loved ones, book an Uber ride and even engage in small talk and crack jokes.

Robots have also infiltrated medical spaces, acting as doctors doling out preventative medicine advice. Prenuvo — which has been touted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian but questioned by experts — claims to offer MRI body scans ranging from $999 to $2,499 for early detection of various health conditions such as disc herniation, musculoskeletal conditions, fatty liver disease and MS.

Another health tech company, Forward, is set to revamp the medical industry as it plans to roll out CarePod “the world’s first AI doctor’s office,” which the company claims works as a self-service cube where patients can be screened for issues relevant to diabetes, hypertension, and depression and anxiety.

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