Elon Musk Appears on Joe Rogan, Says All the Stuff Anglin Says About Coronavirus Hoax

On May 7, I called for Alex Berenson to make a return appearance on the Joe Rogan Show, and I suggested that Elon Musk could join him. Bizarrely, it was literally minutes after I called for it that the new Joe Rogan show was posted – and it was Elon Musk!

I’ve recently been very interested in Musk, given that he is one of the only famous people speaking out and demanding we be given our freedoms.

Elon Musk, we are reminded, is a weird person. Clearly, he would have to be a part of a team if he was going to be a freedom leader, as he has a difficult time speaking. In fact, I tried to watch this last week when it came out, and was very excited to watch it, but couldn’t make it through. Now, I’ve watched the entire interview, and gotten to the good parts about coronavirus, and am very proud of Elon.

With regards to selling all of his belongings, including his house, he said that owning possessions was an “attack vector,” and that he wanted to be liberated so he could do what he wants – sounds like he’s talking about politics.

At 57:10 in the above video the coronavirus talk begins. I recommend watching the clip from that point.

He says the same things you’ve been reading on this website for months. He says that the mortality rate is between ten and fifty times lower than what the WHO initially claimed. And he says that they’ve done this on purpose, because they wanted to create this situation.

“If you’re below sixty the probability of dying is extremely low. It’s not zero, but it’s extremely low,” Musk said.

“They didn’t think that this was the case though when they started to lock down the country,” Rogan replied. “Do you think it’s a situation where once they’ve proceeded in a certain way, it’s very difficult to correct course?”

Musk paused, before responding: “it’s almost like people wanted a panic. It’s quite crazy.”

Rogan interrupted his slow, weird speech to push the mainstream media line, saying, “but in some places a panic is deserved, right?” He then started talking about how an alleged huge number of people are dying in New York.

Musk responded seriously: “most of the hospitals right now are half empty. In some cases, they’re at thirty percent capacity.”

“Objectively the mortality is much lower,” Musk continued. “At least a factor of ten, maybe a factor of fifty lower than initially thought.”

After a long period of Joe speaking bullshit, Musk was able to get back to the issue: “in general, we should be concerned about anything that threatens our civil liberties. A lot of people died to win independence for the country … we should treasure that and not give up our liberties too easily. I think we probably did that, actually.”

Joe did admit that it was wrong for the government to play daddy, saying people should be able to make their own choices: “it’s an infantilization of the society, that daddy’s gonna tell you what to do.”

“It’s fundamentally a violation of the Constitution, of freedom of assembly. You know, I don’t think these things stand up in court, really … it’s obviously a complete violation of rights,” Musk said.

“If you’re at risk, you should not be compelled to leave your house, or leave a place of safety. But also, if you’re not at risk – or if you’re at risk and you wish to take a risk with your life – you should have a right to do that.”

Musk went on: “I just believe that if this is a free country, you should be allowed to do what you want as long as it does not endanger others.”

“My opinion is, if someone wants to stay home, they should stay home, if someone doesn’t want to stay home, they should not be compelled to stay home. That’s my opinion. And if somebody doesn’t like that, well, that’s my opinion.”

How is this not the standard position? Who is looking at this and saying that it makes sense for the government to protect people from their own adult decisions? What kind of a thing is even going on?

Joe brought up the kook idea that we can just have UBI, and everyone can just stay home forever, and Musk shot it down: “There’s a notion that you can just send checks out to everybody and everything will be fine, and that’s not true. Obviously. Certain people have this view that the economy is like some magic horn of plenty. Like it just makes stuff. You know, whatever, there’s a magic horn of plenty, the goods and services they just come from this magic horn of plenty, and if someone has more stuff, it just means they took more from this magic horn of plenty. Now let me just break it to the fools out there: if you don’t make stuff, there’s no stuff.

“Yeah. So if you don’t make the food, if you don’t process the food, if you don’t transport the food… medical treatment, getting your teeth fixed – there’s no stuff. We’ve become detached from reality. You can’t just legislate and solve these things. If you don’t make stuff, there is no stuff. Obviously. We’ll run out at the stores… the machine just grinds to a halt.”

Musk then explained that he doesn’t believe this was all a mistake, given that we had all of the data. He shot down the idiocy of saying China was hiding everything, saying that we have all these companies producing things there, and we know they are producing things. We know they are up and running.

He continued talking about our freedoms: “There’s the question of where do civil liberties fit into this picture? What can the government make you do, what can they make you not do, and what’s okay? And… yeah, I think we went too far.”

He talked then about the medical industry and CDC scamming and pushing fake information: “If somebody dies, was covid the primary cause of death or not? If somebody has covid and gets eaten by a shark, we find their arm, their arm has covid – it’s gonna get recorded as a covid death … if you get hit by a bus and go to the hospital and die, they test and you have covid, you get recorded as a covid death.”

He continued, “the stimulus bill created an incentive to record deaths as covid deaths that is tough to say no to. Especially if your hospital is going bankrupt for lack of other patients. The hospitals are in a bind right now. They’re furloughing doctors as you were mentioning. If your hospital is half full, it’s hard to make ends meet.

“So now you have, ‘if I just check this box, I get $8,000. If I put him on a ventilator for five minutes, I get $39,000. Or I gotta fire some doctors.’ So this is a tough moral quandary. What’re you gonna do?”

Joe asked what the way out of this is.

“We have to clear up the data. Someone who gets recorded as covid has to have a positive covid test, not simply have one of like 100 symptoms. Then, if it is a covid death, you have to ask if covid was the reason for death, or did they also have stage three cancer, heart disease, emphysema and got hit by a bus – and had covid.”

Joe again tried to moderate him, and he interjected: “this is not a question, this is what is occurring.”

“And where are you getting this from?”

“The public health officials have literally said this. This is not a question mark.”

Here’s the video of Madam Birx saying it:

He went on: “They’re not even diagnosed! If you die with a cough, weakness, shortness of breath – frankly, I’m not sure how you die without those things…

“You don’t have to have been diagnosed. You simply have to have had one of many symptoms, and it’s covid. Then it makes the death count look very high. It looks like the death count is super high and not going down like it should be, so we should keep the shelter-in-place stuff there, confine people to their homes… we need to break out of this. We’re stuck in a loop. I think the way to break out of this is to have clarity of information.”

Listening to Elon, you get the impression that he called up Joe Rogan and said he wanted to be on the show to say this stuff, remembering how much publicity he got the last time he was on the show when he smoked weed. Despite his speech problems, he had it all very well organized, and went through every step of the hoax, following all of my talking points, from the exaggeration of the virus, to the economy, to taking away freedoms, to the medical industry hoaxery.

Regrettably and predictably, the media didn’t report on this material. They reported on his statements about artificial intelligence and putting computer chips in people’s brains, and various other things. Primarily, they reported on the fact he couldn’t pronounce his son’s weird name.

Despite the fact that it took up most of the show, I have seen zero articles talking about what he said about coronavirus and the shutdown, let alone the fact that he suggested a government conspiracy to destroy the economy. None. They just skipped over that.

That’s how they do you. If Elon wants to make noise, he’s going to have to make noise. He cannot count on Joe Rogan to help him out.

Primarily, he needs someone to speak for him. You remember that Moses in the Bible had to have his brother Aaron speak for him, because he had autism and couldn’t speak normally. Well, that’s what Elon needs.

We absolutely need a figure like him who is established as a powerful person and is brave enough to stand up against this system, and say the truth. He has the ability to bring in a whole other group of people than those that we’re seeing at these rallies. And that is what we need. We need the American people to come together and stand up against this vile hoax. Because if this is allowed to continue to spin out of control, there is no telling where it ends.

I’m willing to follow and fight for Elon Musk, if he stands up and takes point in this fight. I would be proud to fight for Elon Musk. I hope he continues down this road. The people need him.