Elon Musk Suing British Anti-Free Speech Group for Harassing and Defaming His Advertisers

I’m going to sue Elon Musk for banning me and my friend Nick Fuentes for literally no reason.

Oh, that’s right – in America, you can’t sue the internet for silencing you, because America is a totally unregulated anarcho-capitalist country.

It’s also a communist state with 60% tax, but that is just because of democracy. It means corporations can do anything to anyone without restriction, while the individual is powerless against an overwhelming and brutal government apparatus that is sucking its blood while refusing it any form of representation. It’s the perfect system of government, and all countries must adopt it or we will destroy them with war, revolution, and terrorism – in the name of freedom.


Twitter has sued the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a nonprofit group that has criticized the company’s handling of hate speech, following through on a litigation threat that had been publicly revealed just hours before.

The lawsuit filed Monday in San Francisco federal court accuses CCDH of deliberately trying to drive advertisers away from Twitter — recently rebranded as “X” — by publishing reports critical of the platform’s response to hateful content.

I was deliberately driven away from Twitter.

Explain that!

It specifically claims CCDH violated Twitter’s terms of service, and federal hacking laws, by scraping data from the company’s platform and by encouraging an unnamed individual to improperly collect information about Twitter that it had provided to a third-party brand monitoring provider.

The complaint accuses CCDH of engaging in a wide-ranging campaign to silence users of Twitter’s platform by calling attention to the views they post on social media.

Responding to the complaint’s allegations on Tuesday, CCDH’s CEO Imran Ahmed told CNN that much of the lawsuit, particularly its claim about the unnamed individual, “sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory to me.”

This is Imran Ahmed:

Don’t let the Moslem figurehead fool you; their main sponsor is The Oak Foundation, which is run by women, foreigners and presumed pedophiles.

“The truth is that he’s [Elon Musk] been casting around for a reason to blame us for his own failings as a CEO,” Ahmed said, “because we all know that when he took over, he put up the bat signal to racists and misogynists, to homophobes, to antisemites, saying ‘Twitter is now a free-speech platform.’ … And now he’s surprised when people are able to quantify that there has been a resulting increase in hate and disinformation.”

“All we do is hold up a mirror to the platform and ask them to consider whether or not they like the reflection they see in it,” Ahmed added. “What Mr. Musk has done is said, ‘I’m going to sue the mirror because I don’t like what I see.’”

That is literally true, based on the established rules of Western “democracy” society.

There is no law that says that NGO groups can’t blackmail corporations with threats of defamation. They call that “free speech.” Meanwhile, saying “kike” is an imprisonable offense.

In the past 24 hours, Ahmed said, thousands of people have visited CCDH’s website and many have made donations to the group.

“That’s what we’re going to need if we’re going to survive this,” he said, adding: “The reason that organizations like CCDH have to rely on methodologies like we do is because there is no transparency on these platforms.”

In its own blog post Monday, Twitter said its lawsuit was intended to promote free expression and that it “rejects all claims made by the CCDH.”

“X is a free public service funded largely by advertisers,” the company said. “Through the CCDH’s scare campaign and its ongoing pressure on brands to prevent the public’s access to free expression, the CCDH is actively working to prevent public dialogue.”

The July 20 threat indicated Twitter was investigating whether CCDH could be sued for violations of federal laws against false advertising. But Monday’s complaint does not appear to include such an allegation.

You can’t force advertisers to do anything.

You can blackmail them into not doing things.

It’s very simple.

Imagine making a living whining about what randos write on the internet. I couldn’t do it.

In a serious society, all of these rules would be different, and it would be illegal for these NGOs to threaten companies with defamation if they pursue their financial interests rationally (i.e., by advertising on a large social media platform).

But really, the larger issue is the Jewish values of our society, where supporting freedom of speech is effectively a criminal offense, as it turns you into a pariah.

Musk is right to sue the Europeans instead of the ADL, because Europe has more rational ways of dealing with things like organized blackmail. But the European authorities also agree with the anti-speech activists, so obviously nothing is going to happen.

If Elon wants to do free speech (and I question that), then he has to move away from the advertisement model, or just run ads for online gambling, pornography, and crypto scams.

If he were able to do real free speech on a large platform, then he could shift the culture, and make it so people understand that free speech is something important for the existence of a Western society, and that “hate speech” is not a real thing.

It’s a Catch-22. He can’t bring down the anti-free speechers because they control the money he would need to do so.

What’s his endgame?

Snake Baker contributed to this article.