Elon Musk Hired Detective to Rifle Through Trash of Thai Cave Rescue Hero!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2019

Wow, Elon.

Don’t you have a company to run, buddy? At what point did you decide to go full trashman?

What are you even doing, you freak?

Daily Mail:

Standing at the mouth of the Tham Luang cave system in northern Thailand, it should have been the proudest moment of Vernon Unsworth’s life.

Days earlier, the caving expert – known as Vern – had played a crucial role in the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from rising monsoon waters flooding the treacherous complex.

Now he and his fellow rescuers had been honoured with a ceremony of thanks.

But as the event drew to a close, he was approached by a journalist who delivered a question as unexpected as it was horrifying.

Mr Unsworth told The Mail on Sunday: ‘An Australian TV crew cornered me and asked what did I feel about this billionaire calling me a paedophile? I was staggered.’

Yeah man, we all were.

We did not know who we were dealing with at the time.

Musk initially apologised but then reopened the wound weeks later. First he dared Mr Unsworth to sue him and then repeated the slur with added venom, describing the 64-year-old in an email to a journalist as a ‘child rapist’, and his 40-year-old Thai partner as a ‘child bride’.

Appalled, Mr Unsworth decided to take the Tesla founder, worth an estimated £18 billion, to court.

Now, a week after losing his libel action in the Californian courts, Mr Unsworth breaks his silence on his ‘David and Goliath’ battle with Musk – and reveals the personal price he has paid. 

The caver reveals that he was subjected to four investigations by Thai police, sparked by the allegation, and that the billionaire’s aides hired a British private investigator who said he could ‘dig dirt’ on him.

The aides encouraged the investigator, who was later revealed to be a convicted fraudster, to leak the so-called dirt to the media.

An explosive trail of emails and text messages show that when no dirt was found, the investigator resorted to peddling lies and unfounded innuendo.

The emails and messages, disclosed to Mr Unsworth’s lawyers before the trial began, also detail how private investigators posed as charity workers and journalists to try to elicit information and said they were carrying out a ‘bin spin’ – slang for rifling through a person’s dustbin – in their unsuccessful quest to destroy Mr Unsworth’s reputation.

“Bin spin” sounds like a start-up porno company based in LA. Frankly, it’s become clear to me that the English have bastardized English to such an extent that they should no longer be allowed to speak it anymore. Or rather, let them have English and let us keep speaking God’s Chosen Language – American.

Mr Unsworth says: ‘That they would talk of doing that shows you the depths to which they sank to try to ruin me. It’s sickening.’

Imagine someone else messing up as badly and as many times as Elon Musk has done and being able to keep a job at KFC, let alone Tesla and SpaceX – both of which are tanking.

I had never heard Elon Musk talk at length until I heard the Joe Rogan interview and I was shocked, absolutely shocked that he spoke the way that he did. To be fair, Elon has some kind of suppressed South African accent and not an English one, but it seems to have gotten worse over the years, and should be banned regardless.

I find all accents of English disrespectful. Speak American or don’t speak at all.

That being said, Leo absolutely nailed the Rhodesian accent and made it good. If Leo could learn it in 3 months, you’d think that Elon would have been able to come up with something better by now.

Overall, I feel like what I’m driving at here is that Elon brings nothing to the table.

He should be forced to step down and learn American before being let in front of the camera again.