Emerging Meme: “Putin is the New Hitler”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2014

Protestors in Rome supporting the Jew Coup in the Ukraine liken Putin to Hitler.
Protestors in Rome supporting the Jew Coup in the Ukraine liken Putin to Hitler.

Though I have not gone this far in my praise of Putin, the Western Jew-dominated establishment has taken to calling Vlad “the New Hitler.”

From the UK Express.
From the UK Express.

The first appearance of the meme, in relation to the present conflict, was way back on February 25 (feels like a hundred years ago, doesn’t it?), when the UK Express interviewed Dr Jonathan Eyal, International Director of the security think-tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and he claimed that any “aggression” against the Ukraine would be the “Sudetenland option,” a reference to Hitler’s liberation of ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia.

The analogy is in fact fair, it is simply that this is a good thing.

Tears of joy at the Liberation of Sudetenland.
Tears of joy at the Liberation of Sudetenland.
Girl snaps selfie with soldier at the Liberation of Crimea.
Girl snaps selfie with soldier at the Liberation of Crimea.

Since, many have picked up on this meme.

Karel Schwarzenberg, former Czech foreign Minister and 12th Prince Schwarzenberg (First Majorat) and 7th Prince Schwarzenberg (Second Majorat), Duke of Krumlov, is very concerned about Putin having transformed into the new Hitler.

From the Globe Post:

“What’s happening in Ukraine is history repeating itself,” Karel Schwarzenberg said in an interview with Austrian daily Osterreich.

“Putin is acting along the same principle as Adolf Hitler” did during his invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1938 and 1939, he said.

“Since he wanted to invade Crimea, he needed a pretext and said that his compatriots were oppressed,” the 76-year-old Schwarzenberg said, adding that Russians in Crimea, where they are a majority, were not facing any discrimination.

“When Hitler wanted to annex Austria, he said that Germans there were oppressed,” he said.

Note to Mr. Schwarzenberg: Austria also had a referendum, and 99% of Austrians supported reunification. Just so, a similarly overwhelming majority of Crimeans supported liberation.

Yesterday, Canada’s Foreign Defense Minister, John Baird, propagated the meme in an interview with CBC:

At first, Baird said the situation was “right out of the Cold War.” When Solomon pointed out Putin claims he is protecting Russian rights in Crimea, which has a majority of Russian-speaking citizens, Baird said, “The Sudetenland had a majority of Germans. That gave Germany no right to do this in the late 1930s.”

Asked by Solomon if he was making a comparison to the Nazis, Baird replied, “When you have one country invading one of its neighbours, and using this type of outrageous and ludicrous rhetoric, it’s hard not to.”

Canada has also recalled their Ambassador to Russia.

Some slow-witted goyim on Twitter have taken to supporting the Ukrainian Occupational Jewish Government, as a fantasy about a liberal “people’s revolution” on the other side of the planet goes a long way toward making people feel better about their meaningless lives, and have amalgamated the words “Putin” and “Hitler” and created the remarkably clever #Putler.

putler twitter 1Putler twitter 2Putler twitter 3

A Reddit user has documented the spread of the meme on that forum.

reddit hitler is the new putin

Lesya Orobets, an MP from the Ukrainian revolutionary Parliament repeated the meme yesterday, while begging for Western intervention.

Interestingly, Orobets is married to Oleksandr Omelchuk, Chairman of Phoenix Capital, a Ukraine-based investment bank, who was forced to flee the Ukraine in June of last year while being investigated for tax fraud.

Oh dear, Lesya.  You should have just stayed home and cooked me some banosh and paska.
Oh dear, Lesya. You should have just stayed home and cooked me some banosh and paska.

Innumerable op-ed pieces, from all sides of the political spectrum, are endorsing the “Putin as Hitler” rhetoric – because just like with Hitler, all sides of the political spectrum are against Putin.

Even before the Ukraine crisis began, the Jew Gary Kasperov was calling Putin Hitler because he was hosting the Olympics, and Jews were claiming he had a plan to put homosexuals in concentration camps.

Clearly, the likening of Putin to the figure held responsible for the second World War is ominous. It seems to imply that these people are really ready for a World Showdown between Mother Russia and the Western Jewish Establishment.

As for me, I hope they’re right. I hope that Putin casts off his previous ambiguity toward his role in global affairs, and assumes his position as God’s Anointed, Avatar of Our Heritage and Savior of Europa.

Time will tell if he is Man enough to meet this challenge, but from where I’m sitting right now, he is well on his way.