Emperor Xi Gives Childlike Americans an Andy Griffith-Style Talkin’ To

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None of you remember the Andy Griffith Show. Some of you might. They showed it on Nickelodeon in the night time when I was a kid.

Andy was a sheriff (or maybe a dog-killing ATF agent, I don’t really remember), and every week his son would have an adventure and learn a lesson.

Xi’s way of talking to Americans seems to have the exact same energy. Honestly, I think if you went and watched some episodes, you could hear Andy giving the exact same lecture to a young Ron Howard about how he has to learn to get along with the other boys in the neighborhood, because he can’t go through life fighting everyone.


Stable relations between China and the US are vital for the international community, which doesn’t want to choose sides between the two countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Beijing on Monday.

“Planet Earth is big enough to accommodate the respective development and common prosperity of China and the US,” Xi told Blinken, according to a statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The Chinese leader said that the world is interested in “generally stable” ties between Beijing and Washington, because “whether the two countries can find the right way to get along bears on the future and destiny of humanity.”

The international community expects China and the US to “coexist in peace and have friendly and cooperative relations,” and doesn’t want to choose sides in the event of a conflict, Xi stated.

The Chinese president argued that competition with Beijing would not help Washington to solve America’s domestic problems or the challenges currently facing the world. “China respects US interests and does not seek to challenge or displace the US,” Xi stressed, adding that Beijing expects the same approach from the Biden administration.

That is a big part of what is going on. The US has very serious problems, both domestically and internationally, and pointing at China is a basic “hey, look over there” maneuver.

However, the US is also run by people obsessed with using democracy to create a one-world system based on gay anal, and China is refusing to cooperate with that.

Therefore: threatening and harassing these poor Orientals goes beyond the very obvious distraction-oriented goals, and does indeed plays a role in America’s “strategic objective” to force a single global order on the world.

Xi called on the US to adopt a rational and pragmatic attitude towards China, and to jointly work on improving ties and making the global situation more stable.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Blinken had assured Xi during their 35-minute talk that the US does not seek conflict or a new Cold War with Beijing, and has no intention of trying to change China’s political system.

Washington expects to continue high-level engagement with Beijing, while keeping lines of communication open and managing differences responsibly, the top US diplomat said, according to the Chinese statement.

Nothing about that statement is reflected in the behavior of the US.

The US is attempting to trigger conflict with the Chinese, and has obviously completely given up on trying to compete in any way other than militarily and through economic sabotage.

On the US side, at this point, China is an existential threat to the established order, and they became that as soon as the US did the Ukraine war sanctions against Russia. There is no way that China is not going to de-dollarize by any means necessary, now that the US has made it clear that they are willing to suicide-bomb the “international order” over a benign border dispute that they themselves manufactured from thin air.

Before the Russia sanctions, China was not at all in a rush to de-dollarize, given that they have organized their economy around the dollar, but now the dollar is viewed as an existential threat to China.

This is to say: there is no real room here for a resolution, without the US government fundamentally changing its primary objectives, or the Chinese bowing down and kissing the feet of Creepy Uncle Sam.

Xi knows this, of course. It is simply his duty as an adult and as a responsible statesman to speak in straight, clear language whenever he gets the chance.

What About That Balloon Hoax?

It would be impossible for anyone capable of rudimentary logical thought to believe that this Jew Blinken could mean what he says about not seeking a new Cold War, without also apologizing for that weather balloon hoax. Remember that China apologized, without confirming it was actually their balloon, saying that if it was theirs, they are sorry and it was an accident. After the US continued to berate them with talk of “spy balloon,” China demanded that the US bring it down and show the world what was inside of it. They said if they are going to make these claims, they have to back them up. Instead of bringing it down, the US blew it up with a $400,000 AIM-9X Sidewinder missile.

Seriously, I have gotten messages from readers saying they believed the Biden Administration’s story about the balloon being a spy device. Even if you don’t understand the concept of satellites, and can’t grasp why there is no need for a spy balloon in the current year, you can surely grasp the fact that there is no reason to destroy a spy device, when no one in the world other than Americans is going to believe you without proof. They are claiming they had the proof, right there, in the sky, and decided to blow it up instead of showing it to the world, in a Kenny Powers type event.

Remember that this is when I said that a line was being drawn in the media as well. Tucker Carlson endorsed the Pentagon’s “spy balloon” hoax, and I told you that at that point, he couldn’t be taken seriously as anything other than a person who lies on TV for the sake of the neocons.

No one with any basic sense believed that hoax. The whole world media was accusing the US of staging it to agitate for war. There is no other reason you would do what they did, trumping up the exact same sort of hoax that has repeatedly been used by the US government to start wars.

No one knows what the US is planning for China. I would say that includes the people doing the planning. Color revolution is a non-starter, as is a war with a country with a population of 1.5 billion. What they appear to be doing is trying to purposefully wall off the rest of the world, in the way the East Bloc countries did in the 1950s, while also taking the same moralizing, superior, and belligerent tone that the Soviets took.

It’s difficult to understand if this is an actual objective, or if it is simply the combined result of a series of very bad decisions. Regardless, we can observe this as happening. This would qualify as “a new cold war,” but it is not clear what purpose that would serve.

By continuing to refuse to even put on a show of good faith dialogue with the people they are threatening, the US was looking very ridiculous. They don’t really have anything to lose by sending Blinken over to Beijing to lie, and it’s a wonder it took them so long to do so.

Regardless of any of this, here’s the thing: who’s doing the trannies? It’s not the Chinese. China doesn’t have any public displays of homosexuality, and instead promotes family values to their people.

The US government and media are the bad guys, because the US is run by the Jews, and the Jews – the very murderers of Jesus Christ – are at war with humanity.

Their attacks on China are not fundamentally different than their attacks on you, the average American.