Empty Shelves in Supermarkets Getting Increasingly Common

These percentages are all faked.

Things are a lot worse than they’re telling you.

They’re lying about inflation, and they’re lying about the extent of the “supply chain crisis.”

This is all just part of a rolling planned narrative that was all laid out long before you ever heard the word “coronavirus.”

New York Post:

A combination of labor shortages, shipping costs and cold weather has left grocery store shelves across the country empty, according to reports.

Produce growers on the West Coast are paying nearly triple trucking rates, according to Reuters.

On the East Coast, snow and ice storms have created massive food delivery delays.

Grocery stores and other retailers face a 12 percent out-of-stock level on many household staples, compared to 7-10 percent in regular times.

Compounding the problem is inflation. The rate jumped 7 percent since December 2020, according to CBS News.

Birds Eye frozen vegetable maker Conagra Brands’ CEO Sean Connolly told investors its supplies might be hampered for at least a month because of too many sick workers.

It’s really not because people are sick. It’s because people go get tested, the test comes back positive, and they have to isolate.

Or maybe they really are sick because they took the vax.

Whatever the actual reason, this is part of the plan.

The people doing the coronavirus hoax want the economy to collapse, the supermarkets to be empty, and people to be angry. The Great Reset requires the destruction of the old order.

You don’t end up with a one world government just by coercing people into taking a gene-altering injection.

This is another jewish trick.