EPA Falsifies Risk Assessments of Dangerous Chemicals for Quick Approval, Whistleblowers Say

Seems like the EPA is a really corrupt organization.

It’s a good thing the FDA and CDC aren’t this corrupt, otherwise I might have a few questions about this whole coronavirus thing.

But all those coronavirus people, especially Anthony Fauci, are really good and moral people who just love us and want to take care of us like mommies.

The Guardian:

Whistleblowers say the US Environmental Protection Agency has been falsifying dangerous new chemicals’ risk assessments in an effort to make the compounds appear safe and quickly approve them for commercial use.

Over the past five years, the EPA has not rejected any new chemicals submitted by industry despite agency scientists flagging dozens of compounds for high toxicity. Four EPA whistleblowers and industry watchdogs say a revolving door between the agency and chemical companies is to blame, and that the program’s management has been “captured by industry”. The charges are supported by emails, documents and additional records that were provided to the Guardian.

The depth of it is pretty horrifying,” said Kyla Bennett, New England director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a non-profit whose attorneys are representing the four scientists. “I don’t sleep at night knowing what I know from the whistleblowers.”

Their July allegations, which were sent to lawmakers and federal oversight bodies, sparked an investigation by the EPA’s inspector general into the office of chemical safety and pollution prevention, and the House of Representatives this month requested information from the new EPA administrator, Michael Regan. The whistleblowers say similar problems existed during the Obama administration, accelerated under Trump, and have persisted under Biden.

Congress enacted legislation in 2016 designed to tighten oversight of the toxic chemical approval process. Instead, career EPA managers have worked to sabotage the process by altering risk assessments, waging harassment campaigns against employees, internally accelerating the approval process and retaliating against staff who raise concerns, according to the four agency scientists.

The charges also reveal how management has systematically undermined scientists while working to quickly rubber-stamp dangerous chemicals as safe for use by industry and in consumer products. The managers in question are employees rather than political appointees, making the situation more difficult to address because they don’t turn over with a new administration, Bennett said.

The alterations to risk assessments mostly involved the deletion of health hazards without the authors’ knowledge after assessments were submitted. Documents show that in one file managers deleted all references to a chemical’s carcinogenicity. In other cases, managers asked scientists with less expertise on a subject to sign off on changes without informing the assessment’s author.

The chemical industry has regularly objected to EPA scientists’ conclusions about the dangers of new chemicals, and whistleblowers say it was clear that companies were pressuring management to make changes. In one case, a manager allegedly yelled that a company “went apeshit” over a risk assessment that flagged a chemical’s carcinogenicity, and demanded that the scientist delete that portion, a request that was refused. The scientist was soon transferred out of the division.

Documents show that cases in which scientists and industry were at odds were labeled “hair on fire”, and taken over by a manager who would expedite the approval process and overrule EPA chemists. A management schedule showed managers on daily “HOF duty”, highlighting how frequently industry and scientists disagreed.

Managers’ motivation appeared to be financial, Bennett said. They regularly bounce between the EPA and industry, and the access to the EPA helps them land lucrative private sector jobs. “They’re selling their soul,” Bennett said. “It’s money, it’s greed, but it doesn’t make sense. Don’t these people have any children or grandchildren? Don’t they care?

Nothing ever happens with this sort of thing.

Corruption is considered by the left to actually be impossible, since the government is the absolute embodiment of moral righteousness.

Meanwhile, anything to do with dangerous chemicals is considered to be utterly irrelevant, as the only thing in the universe that matters is global warming.

Dangerous chemicals in the air and water, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, genetically modified crops, plastics – it’s all a non-issue, because the real issue is that cow farts are changing the weather and creating hurricanes and wildfires so we have to shut down civilization and eat bugs.

An artist’s rendition of what 2030 will look like if you don’t start eating bugs.

Just so: it doesn’t matter how many people die as a result of the coronavirus restrictions, because the only thing that matters is that no one ever tests positive for the coronavirus.

It’s just layered nonsense, all the way around.

Watch this news report from 1973: