Erdogan Says “War Lobby” Sabotaged Zelensky Peace Talks

It’s not clear why Erdogan waited so long to make this statement. It is clear he had some purpose.

Whatever you think of the wily old bastard, he is far and beyond the single most competent world leader this side of Xi Jinping. (He is probably better at foreign policy than anyone else, but he doesn’t approach Xi on domestic policy skill.)

Erdogan has his own agenda, but for now, it mostly lines up with mine.


Efforts to resolve the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev have been “obstructed and eroded by the war lobby,” Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed. The president made the remarks on Monday while speaking to reporters in Ankara.

“The diplomatic efforts, which were initiated with the Istanbul process and proceeded with captive exchanges, have unfortunately been obstructed and eroded by the war lobby,” Erdogan stated.

The president claimed Türkiye itself had been targeted by said “war lobby,” without naming any precise culprits.

If Türkiye’s peace efforts had succeeded early on in the conflict, most of the destruction could have been avoided, Erdogan explained.

Türkiye hosted peace talks between Moscow and Kiev shortly after hostilities broke out in February 2022. The negotiations culminated in a preliminary peace deal, which was initialed in Istanbul.

However, Ukraine reneged on its commitments after Moscow withdrew its forces from the vicinity of Kiev, shortly after the deal was reached.

That was after Boris Johnson flew in and “convinced” (read: ordered) Zelensky to destroy the whole country with total war.

Johnson is very obviously a shill for the Jews – or the “war lobby,” if you prefer.

He got fired as PM over some retarded gibberish, and now he’s trying to maneuver into NATO – he can’t really go into the EU. Britain left the EU, and he was one of the biggest “leave” supporters.

The UK is, for whatever reason, even more aggressive than the Bidens toward this war. Basically, it’s clear that the US is allowing them to take point by being the most aggressive, given that the US obviously has veto power over British government policy.

It’s really amazing though that the world knows that this war is purely elective – that Zelensky was comfortable in March of 2022 ending the war by meeting all of Russia’s demands – and people still support sending hundreds of thousands of boys to die, destroying the entire country of the Ukraine, and risking WWIII.