Erdogan Threatens to Open the Floodgates of Immigrants Into Europe If He Doesn’t Get More Money

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2019

Oh there he goes saying the thing again!

Fox News:

The president of Turkey said Thursday he would be forced to “open the gates” and allow a route for Syrian refugees to travel into Western Europe unless a deal is reached with the U.S. by the end of the month to help resettle migrants in a so-called “safe zone” within Syria, according to reports.

In a speech to his ruling party officials, President Tayyip Erdogan said he was determined to create a “safe zone” in northeast Syria in partnership with the United States by the end of September, but was prepared to act alone if necessary.

“We will be forced to open the gates,” Erdogan said. “We cannot be forced to handle the burden alone.”

Erdogan said Turkey aims to resettle about 1 million out of the 3.65 million Syrian refugees in the safe zone. He added that his nation “did not receive the support needed from the world” to help it cope with Syrian refugees.

Europe – and by Europe I mostly mean “Angela Merkel” – has done more or less nothing at all to stop these apes flooding in. They’ve refused to use force. And the whole thing began because Merkel herself invited them in.

So they’ve given all of this power to Erdogan, willingly.

It was a weird move, just more or less surrendering all national sovereignty to this crazy Moslem dictator guy.

But I guess that’s how they wanted it.