EU Imposes Tariffs on Chinese EVs (Globalist Extremists Now Hardcore Protectionists, lol)

The US banned the import of Chinese EVs a long time ago. The US also blocks Chinese phones.

China dominates every market they have access to at this point.

So now, all of a sudden, globalist lunatics believe in hardcore protectionism.


The European Commission said it will impose extra duties of up to 38.1% on imported Chinese electric cars from July, risking retaliation from Beijing which said on Wednesday it would take measures to safeguard its interests.

Less than a month after Washington announced plans to quadruple duties for Chinese EVs to 100%, Brussels said it would combat excessive subsidies with additional tariffs ranging from 17.4% for BYD to 38.1% for SAIC on top of the standard 10% car duty.

That equates to billions of euros of extra costs for the carmakers at a time when they are struggling with slowing demand and falling prices at home, according to Reuters calculations based on 2023 EU trade data.

European automakers, meanwhile, are being challenged by an influx of lower-cost EVs from Chinese rivals. The Commission estimates their share of the EU market has risen to 8% from below 1% in 2019 and could reach 15% in 2025. It says prices are typically 20% below those of EU-made models.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said the EU’s investigation was a “typical case of protectionism” and tariffs would damage China-EU economic cooperation and the stability of the global automobile production and supply chains.

Beijing, he said, would take all necessary measures to “firmly safeguard” its legitimate rights and interests.

This is a result of American bullying, obviously.

The European economy is under huge pressure right now because the US bullied them into a war with Russia, and the last thing they would want to do is start doing protectionism against China.

I don’t even agree with globalism, but it’s the basis of the entire world system at this point, and the center of it was China as the manufacturing powerhouse.

But China started making their own companies and selling their own products, and also refused to have gay orgies, so now they’re just getting blocked?

Who follows this stuff and thinks it’s acceptable?