Hohol “Peace Summit” an Embarrassing Shitshow with Key Countries Refusing to Endorse Goofy Scheme

Just so everyone is clear: Zelensky’s backers invited virtually every country in the world except Russia to what they called a “peace summit” to try to convince them to endorse a “peace plan” that says Russia should not only offer an unconditional surrender, but also pay reparations and for all the top officials in government to surrender to a war crimes tribunal (which would mean completely disbanding the country’s government).

This is without doubt the single most unserious thing that has ever happened in the entire history of geopolitics. There is no evidence things are going to become more serious any time soon.

The Guardian:

Key regional powers including Brazil, India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia have failed to sign up to a joint communique issued at the end of a Ukraine peace conference in which more than 80 countries and international organisations endorsed its territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s invasion.

Speaking at the end of the two-day summit in Switzerland, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, welcomed the “first steps toward peace” but acknowledged that not all attenders had come onboard. “Unfortunately there are people who are still balancing,” he said, adding that Russia was trying to divide the world.

He said the final communique remained “open for accession by everyone who respects the UN charter”.

About 100 countries took part in the conference in the resort of Bürgenstock, but Russia was not invited and China snubbed the event. Amid modest expectations ahead of the event, western diplomats argued that its significance lay partly in its participants. Attenders were mostly from Europe, the US and other western allies, but included countries from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In a boost for Kyiv, Turkey, which maintains close trading links with Russia and has sought to be a peacemaker, signed the document. It was also signed by Argentina, Iraq, Qatar and Rwanda.

Big win getting Rwanda on board.

Weird about Turkey.

Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, however, took part in the summit, but did not sign the final communique. Brazil attended with “observer status” and did not endorse the text.

China decided not to send an envoy to the summit, despite Ukraine’s invitation. Asked about Beijing’s position on the war, Zelenskiy said: “China is a very serious, serious state, [and] serious economy that has political and economic influence on Russia. China truly has influence and I believe that China could help us.

Why would China want to help you if it hurt their own country?

This is simply not the way the real world works.

The idea that states interact with other states based on charity concerns is nonsense for little babies. The US is the one who promotes this idea, and they certainly do not do it themselves. The US is utterly ruthless in promoting its interests, while going around giving moral lectures to everyone else.

Notably, no other countries other than the US and their subsidiaries in Europe talk about geopolitics in these terms. Putin and Xi for example talk about the interests of Russia and China, respectively. That’s what they give speeches about.

Putin has started talking about the Americans as having a “satanic agenda,” and while that is a moral issue, his mentioning of it isn’t moralizing. He just states matter of factly that the US is trying to force all of this very strange gay stuff on the whole world.

Trump talked about things in realistic terms in 2016. Even as president, he would talk that way. Though he would end up being bullied into taking the moralization route, doing things like bombing Syria under the premise that Assad was an evil madman who gassed his own people for no reason.

The US has the nerve to moralize not only about the Ukraine, but about Israel. They will claim the reason they support Israel is because it is a very moral country, and is only defending itself against starving children. Now, that has become strained, as it just doesn’t make any sense at all to say you do the most grotesque atrocities the world has ever witnessed in the name of moral superiority, so the US government is left not really having any explanation for why they support Israel.

The countries that signed the “Zelensky Plan” did so because they are economically dependent on the United States empire. Basically, the US bribes countries with its ability to print infinity money, and the support it gets from the bribes gives it this ability to print infinity money. Many countries are also afraid of being bombed by the United States, so it is a combination of bribes and threats.

The US government is illegitimate. It is a criminal gang that arguably is not even a government.