US Allegedly Meets Bibi to Talk About “Deescalating Hezbollah Conflict”

I am deeply cynical and prone towards reading the worst into situations. I’m also right more often than anyone else. I’m not always right, but if there is someone who is right more often than me, please, give me their name, as I’d really like to follow their work. (It can be stressful feeling like you’re the only nigga on the block with any idea what’s actually going on. I don’t like it, actually.)

Regarding the Israeli war with Hezbollah, I’ve argued that escalating this is the only possible compromise between the Bibi government and the Biden Administration. Right now, the American population is flipping out over these constant videos of dead and mutilated children in Gaza. Israel has made it clear, repeatedly, that they are just going to kill everyone in Gaza. Jews are known for being liars, but the Israeli government is shockingly honest about this fact.

Israel said “destroy Hamas,” and the only theoretical way to do that is to kill everyone in Gaza, so that’s what they’re doing.

The US government is left flapping around, incapable of explaining why they continue to support this. Saying “actually, the entire US government is controlled by the Israel lobby, so we don’t even have any choice about any of this” is not one of their options.

What makes the most sense is for Israel to invade Lebanon. Unlike Gaza, Lebanon has a real military. Therefore, instead of these endless pictures of dead kids in Gaza, you would have footage of real soldiers (Hezbollah) shooting back at Israeli forces. The intensity of that conflict would be enough to at least partially bury the footage coming out of Gaza. This would line up with Israeli objectives (they need this war with Lebanon as part of their plan) and it would, almost certainly, release some of the pressure off of the Biden Administration if there was a real war instead of just a bunch of slaughtered babies.

Therefore, when I hear the Biden Administration is meeting with the Israelis to talk about Hezbollah, I assume they are there to encourage Israel to invade Lebanon, ASAP.

The Guardian:

A senior envoy from the Biden administration has met Benjamin Netanyahu for talks aimed at averting a deepening conflict between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, after Israel warned over the weekend that it was on the brink of a “wider escalation”.

Amos Hochstein has spent months in largely behind-the-scenes diplomacy in an attempt to quieten tensions between Israel and Hezbollah. Since the war in Gaza began in October, there have been worsening daily exchanges of fire, and tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced on both sides of the “Blue Line” between Israel and Lebanon.

Over the weekend, the UN special coordinator for Lebanon, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, and the head of the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, Aroldo Lázaro, said in a joint statement that they were “deeply concerned” about the escalation along Lebanon’s border, describing the “very real” risk that a miscalculation along the southern border could trigger a wider war.

That warning was underlined on Monday when Israel assassinated a Hezbollah commander in his car near the southern Lebanese city of Tyre.

Hochstein met Netanyahu and the Israeli defence minister, Yoav Gallant, on Monday before flying to Lebanon where he will meet Nabih Berri, the octagenerian speaker of the Lebanese parliament and leader of the Amal movement, who has represented Hezbollah’s views to western interlocutors.

There is growing anxiety in Washington and elsewhere over the risk of a serious escalation between the two sides, not least after Israel’s killing last week of Taleb Abdallah, the most senior Hezbollah commander to be targeted so far.

The killing prompted Hezbollah to fire hundreds of rockets and drones at northern Israel in the heaviest barrages since the Lebanese group began firing at Israel in support of Hamas in Gaza on 8 October last year.

The Israel Defense Forces warned on Sunday that the daily clashes risked spilling into more dangerous territory.

Just to reiterate my view on this situation:

  • Israel let October 7th happen on purpose
  • Israel started wiping out Gaza as the first phase of a much bigger operation
  • The second phase is a war with Lebanon
  • A war with Lebanon will draw in Iran
  • From there, Israel can manipulate the US (which is already in the Red Sea trying to fight the Houthis) into a direct war with Iran
  • Israel hopes that the US will achieve a regime change in Iran, or turn it into a mess of different terrorist groups running around killing each other, which will allow them to continue their process of normalizing relations with the Sunni world

I feel very strongly that this is exactly the plan of the Israelis, and has been the whole time.

Everything that has happened since October 7th has bolstered this theory.

Maybe I’m wrong and Israel is just really emotional and these “talks” that Israel is having with US envoys are really meaningful, and something else completely different is happening.

I think, however, it is very unlikely I am wrong, and it is much more likely that I’m calling all of this exactly as it is, and it will unfold exactly as I’ve predicted.

But hey – who knows, right?