EU Makes a Deal with Pfizer, Others, To “Reserve” a Vax for a Future Pandemic

It’s not like you actually needed to ask Pfizer to keep making these vaccines.

They have made like, a trillion dollars.

Even if you believed the entire stupid narrative about the virus hoax, you couldn’t possibly believe that Pfizer is some kind of Jewish charity organization.


The European Commission has contracted Pfizer and several European companies to reserve capacity to make up to 325 million vaccines per year in case of a future global health emergency, it said on Friday.

The agreement, first reported by Reuters earlier in the day, covers mRNA, vector-based and protein-based vaccines and does not relate to existing COVID-19 vaccine agreements between the EU and vaccine makers including Pfizer.

The European Commission said in a statement announcing the deal that the COVID pandemic showed that Europe needs to be better prepared for future health emergencies.

The deal ensures that companies are ready “to respond to a crisis” by keeping their facilities up to date and monitoring their supply chains, “including stockpiling where necessary”, the Commission said. If a new public health emergency is declared, companies would “rapidly start production”, it said.

Yeah, otherwise they might forget they can make tens or hundreds of billions of dollars.

That fact might just slip their minds.