EU Mourns Loss of “Battle of Narratives” on Border Skirmish in Former USSR

Pictured: Americans learning about Putin’s Price Hike

The “Ukraine War” is actually just a border skirmish in the former USSR.

Wikipedia has a page called “Post-Soviet Conflicts,” and the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is listed as the most recent item on a list of 39 conflicts in formerly Soviet territory since 1991.

Before the response to the alleged “coronavirus pandemic” began in 2020, the collapse of the USSR was objectively the largest disaster in human history. The fallout of that is still being felt throughout the region.

To any objective, rational observer, there is no qualitative difference between the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and the ongoing conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The invasion of the Ukraine is certainly on a much bigger scale, but the core issue of a generation of conflict following the collapse of an empire is the same.

However, the Joe Biden people have framed this as the most important issue in the world.

They have claimed that it is a battle for the “future of the liberal world order.”

It’s not a huge surprise that people who are not compulsively committed to believing everything the media/government says are not really buying this narrative.


Many G20 diplomats are more concerned with their own national interests than punishing Russia with economic sanctions for attacking Ukraine, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has said. He claimed the West was being accused of double standards and had failed to win a “battle of narratives” in relation to Ukraine.

“The global battle of narratives is in full swing and, for now, we are not winning,” Borrell remarked on Sunday in a blog post describing his participation in last week’s meeting of G20 foreign ministers in Indonesia. The solution, he said, is to “engage further to refute Russian lies and war propaganda.”


Some G20 diplomats, Borrell lamented, were more concerned about “the consequences of the war for themselves” than in going after the supposed culprit.

Others “complain about ‘double standards’ or simply want to preserve their good bilateral relationship with Russia.”

He said G20 ministers from the “Global South” agreed in principle with the goal of protecting Ukraine’s territorial integrity, but declined to support the Western response. The anti-Russian campaign led by the US involves arming Ukraine with increasingly heavy weapons, and sanctioning Russia with the expectation that it will cave in to pressure due to military and economic damage. Washington has declared a “strategic defeat” of Moscow as its ultimate goal in Ukraine.

Russia said its military operation was a matter of national security and would be continued. Sanctions have so far failed to trigger a collapse of the Russian economy, contrary to what some Western politicians had hoped for.

Borrell reiterated claims that Russia was responsible for surging global energy and food prices – which Moscow denies – and stated that use of force should not be normalized or tolerated.

Also lol.

Basically, there are two separate points that any country can make:

  • The narrative of the US is total bullshit, NATO never should have crossed the line of trying to have Ukraine join, and
  • Even if this is some kind of evil land theft by a diabolical tyrant, things are tough all over, and the whole world can’t be expected to make all of these sacrifices for the Ukraine’s border integrity

We know their narrative, and only a stupid child could believe it. It is just really emotional and ridiculous. Anyone can see there is zero basis in fact.

But now they’re also claiming that it is “Russian propaganda” to not want to sacrifice for a foreign country you have nothing to do with. The war in Yemen, which is de facto supported by the US and Israel, is the most glaring example of the fact that things are tough all over. No one has ever called for the whole world to sacrifice for the thousands of children being starved to death in Yemen, and there are no children starving to death in the Ukraine, so it is just a little bit ridiculous to imagine this is just some kind of charity thing.

What’s more, these US-run globalist institutions have admitted that the fallout from the Ukraine is going to cause some level of global famine. They’re blaming Putin, but also saying that the border integrity of the Ukraine is worth more than the lives of however many Africans are going to starve to death. The border integrity of the Ukraine is also worth more than the lives of all of these thousands of Ukrainians, and it is worth destroying the entire country in order to prevent the border from shifting.

Then you have the much bigger issue of the fact that the US has weaponized the dollar, which they’ve never done before in history (except to Iran, which isn’t really a relevant country). Now, everyone in the world is freaking out, worried that this could be done to them if they get on the wrong side of the US.

There’s also just the overarching problem that the leadership of the West now appears to have gone completely insane. People are getting spooked. It’s kind of like the “Injustice” storyline where Joker kills Lois Lane and Superman goes insane and takes over the world and implements a fascist state.

Superman is so powerful he has the ability to take over the entire world, but he’s so unhinged he’s unable to run it, so Batman is able to bring him down.

This theme of evil psycho Superman power dynamics was also featured in the first season of The Boys TV show on Amazon. While filled with a bunch of dumb vulgarity, the show was actually much better than the comic, and actually worked on a literary level as something more than just “politicians are celebrities and it’s bad because they’re really fake.”

(I don’t really recommend watching this show. I’m more just referencing it for people who already watched it. I think I might have written a review of it years ago. There are a few interesting things to say about it, and the two main male leads are both fantastic, but the show is Jewed out, even if some of it does come across accidental far-right commentary on both ZOG and Jewish pop culture norms. It’s a totally Jewish show, so it does seem to have been purely accidental, with the people adapting the comic just not understanding how it came across because they don’t really understand the concept of themes and were just focused on vulgarity. The comic was written in the Bush Era as a commentary on neoconservatism and, coming out in 2019, it had some bits that were a bit too on the nose – by accident. Season two is just all the worst stuff from season one, and also some kind of apology for the way season one was interpreted by right-wingers.)

The US has been trading on its cultural relevance and historical goodwill on the world stage for decades now while being totally evil in secret, and now the evilness is coming to light. Aside from Western Europe, anywhere in the world you go is filled with people who “love America.” America is looked at as sexy, fun, cool… all those things the Spice Girls were. You even (or maybe especially) have this in China.

But it’s falling apart now. They’ve really backed themselves into a corner.