EU to Suffer Self-Inflicted Diesel Crisis, Experts Say

The most insane part about all of this is that there is no suggestion of any kind of finality.

The plan, apparently, is for this to just keep going and going forever.

If they were actually able to beat Russia, it would take more than 5 years. Then they would have to rebuild Russia, which would take decades.

Furthermore, there is no possibility of total war with Russia without involving the Chinese, which all of these officials and their think tanks admit openly.

None of it even makes any sense.


The EU will have a difficult time replacing Russian diesel when a ban on the country’s seaborne oil products and an accompanying price cap come into force on February 5, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

According to the outlet, citing ship tracking data from Vortexa, the EU imported about 220 million barrels of diesel-type product from Russia in 2022. By December, some 40% of the fuel came to the bloc from the sanctioned country.

While the region’s reliance on Russian petroleum products was reduced last year, in 2021 more than half of all seaborne shipments into the EU and UK were Russian, further illustrating the difficulty of replacing the barrels which will fall under the ban in less than three weeks.

“There’s a total re-jigging in terms of diesel trade flows from the start of February,” Mark Williams of Wood Mackenzie consultancy told the news outlet.

Data showed that the EU has already started to boost diesel shipments from Saudi Arabia and India. Analysts say that these shipments may be further increased this year, through a number of new oil refineries that are soon to come online. Experts also point to the US as having the potential to deliver more diesel to the bloc.

Furthermore, China may indirectly aid the region in acquiring diesel supplies. The country’s diesel-type fuel exports are forecast to be similar in volume to what the EU and UK used to receive from Russia prior to sanctions. While those shipments do not usually end up in Europe, they could replace volumes from other producers, which would then be free to supply their fuel to the region.

China policy is the game changer,” Williams told Bloomberg, adding that the country “holds the key to all of the surplus refining capacity globally.”

Not only is there no plan for ever ending this lunatic self-inflicted economic collapse, there is not even an explanation as to why this war is happening at all, or why it must go on and on and on.

If you ask them, they start talking about border integrity and anal sex. They just keep saying Russia started it, just assuming that the average person is that dumb.

Clearly, the average person is indeed that dumb. But don’t they care about their money?