European Far-Right Goes to Russia to Back Putin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2015

Cossacks, pictured at a recent meeting of the European far-right in Russia
Cossacks, pictured at a recent meeting of the European far-right in Russia

One thing I pride myself on is being able to form opinions on complex issues from the opinions of people I have respect for, based on their actions. This ability has come into play quite a bit in examining the complexity of the situation in Russia.

The situation with Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly confusing, as while he is clearly good for Russia, he also has a rather high level of tolerance for certain Jews, and has opposed certain elements of Russian nationalism as too extreme.

The idea that he is controlled by Jews and all his behavior is part of a staged Jewish hoax has always been ridiculous to me, as it simply would not be in the capacity of Jews to use a puppet to promote Christianity and condemn homosexuality, while encouraging a White birthrate and arresting Jewish criminals.  Having said that, in my mind it is still possible that his refusal to confront the Jewish problem more directly could lead to a repeat of what has happened in the West, where Jews weasel their way into positions of serious power and undermine gentile Christian society.

When considering this, I have very often looked at the opinions of people who know more than I do. The opinions of the leadership of the Golden Dawn on Russia were highly influential on me – they have always defended Russia and Putin as friends of traditional Europe. That said, Greeks have an inclination toward Russia generally, due to the shared religion and history as a part of the Eastern Roman empire, so Greek opinions must be considered with that in mind.

The Golden Dawn is by far the most hardcore nationalist organization in Europe.  Their support for Putin means quite a lot, in my opinion.
The Golden Dawn is by far the most hardcore – and most persecuted – nationalist organization in Europe. Their support for Putin means quite a lot, in my opinion.

What has happened over the last year, however, is that the entirety of the European “far-right” as it is called has thrown in with Putin. The more serious and intelligent people who back Putin, the harder it is for me to realistically hold negative opinions of the man.

On the other hand, I am struggling to find a single serious person who is against Putin. Instead, what we have are a lot of anonymous internet posters, who try their best to simplify a complex situation. These anonymous persons could easily be Jews, or just regular trolls, trying to sow seeds of confusion.

That isn’t to say that none of the points they are bringing up are important. Some of them are. But at the same time, the tone with which they speak, and the refusal to look at the larger situation, often makes them appear ridiculous. Some, such as various (mostly homosexual) writers at Counter-Currents, are going so far as to support the Jewkrainian revolution.

My position has been, and will remain, that I look at every aspect of the situation and draw (tentative) conclusions that I believe make sense.

This latest nationalist meeting in Russia, wherein heroes from all over Europe are meeting to voice support for Russia, has led me even further towards full support of Putin and his anti-Western/NATO/ZOG agenda.


Representatives of about a dozen far-right groups from across Europe gathered in Russia Sunday for a pro-Kremlin conference as concern grows over Moscow’s alleged attempts to court extremists on the continent.

About 150 members of Russian nationalist and right-wing European parties — including Greece’s Golden Dawn and Germany’s National Democratic Party — met in Russia’s second city Saint Petersburg to berate the West for its stance on the Ukraine conflict and to promote “traditional values”.

Far-rights groups across Europe have become vocal supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin over his handling of the Ukraine crisis, prompting allegations they have reached a Faustian pact to help burnish the Kremlin’s battered image.

The growing ties come despite Moscow’s claims it is aiming to counter what it sees as “fascism” in Ukraine, where pro-Western protesters swept a Kremlin-backed president from power last year.

“We do not support the sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict,” Udo Voigt, a member of the European Parliament from Germany’s National Democratic Party, told the conference.

“It is incredible what patience Russia and President Putin have shown in the face of NATO’s aggressive policies.”

For those who don’t know, Udo Voigt is the former head and current member of the NPD, which is a German party which is as close is as legally allowed to the NSDAP. Voigt is a military man and the son of a Wehrmacht soldier.

Udo Voight's NPD has continually been called "Neo-Nazi"
Udo Voigt’s NPD has continually been called “Neo-Nazi”
And not for no reason, either.
And not for no reason, either.

He is an incredibly serious person, and one of the most hardcore nationalist figures in Europe. Like the opinions of the Golden Dawn, his opinions hold a whole lot of weight. In fact on the issue of Russia and Putin, they hold much more weight than the opinions of the Golden Dawn, given that he is German and thus his own history would make his default position as opposition to Russia.

The Jews are “extremely worried” about this meeting:

But the Russian federation of Jewish communities said it was extremely worried about such a meeting in “one of the cities that suffered most from the Nazis”, saying it was “particularly cynical” given Russia would celebrate the 70th anniversary of its victory over Adolf Hitler’s Germany in May.

When Jews are worried about something, it’s generally a good sign.

Organisers said the forum was intended to strengthen links with right-wing groups across Europe and help shape a common agenda.

“This meeting is the first foundation stone towards constructing the new world that we are obliged to build,” said Fyodor Birukov, from the pro-Kremlin Rodina party that organised the event.

Constructing a new world.  This is beautiful.

Is this not our goal?

And look who else was there.

“I see this forum as a way pushing the fight back against liberalism and what we call modernism, the destruction of traditional values including Christianity throughout the modern world,” said Nick Griffin, former head of the British National Party.

“Russia is about tradition and Christianity and it’s very important that traditionalists from Russia, Europe and America get together to present our ideas more effectively to the general public.”

Griffin has taken a lot of flak, but it is hard to argue that the man is not coming from a position of ideological soundness.  He has, for a long time, been vocal in his support of Putin.

Nick Griffin, pictured at the forum
Nick Griffin, pictured at the forum

i24 News mentioned some of the others in attendance:

The organizers are expecting 400 participants from 15 countries. Among them are MPs from the Greek neo-Nazi party Georgios Epitideios and Eleftherios Sinadinos, founder of the Italian Fascist movement Roberto Fiore and other members of far-right parties from the UK, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark and Spain.

The Cossacks were also in attendance.  Having had their authority reinstated by Putin, this traditional ethnic-based military group has been staunchly behind him in all of his actions.


Either the NPD, the BNP, the Golden Dawn and the Cossacks are all part of a conspiracy or they are simply not as smart or as informed as anonymous internet posters who have exposed Putin as a tool of the Jews.

Either that, or these men have a pretty good idea what they’re talking about and Putin is actually more likely to help than harm right-wing agendas in Europe.

In my personal view, Putin is a politician, first and foremost.  He is certainly no Hitler, as Hitler was first and foremost a romantic and an idealist.  The man was an artist.

As it so happens, however, Putin’s political agenda appears to line up very directly with the political agendas of the right-wing in Europe.  And while being a political creature, Putin is also an authoritarian and a being of immense power.  And power is the only means by which we are ever going to accomplish anything.

For the time being, I will continue to stand with Putin.

Czar Putin I, defender of earth
Czar Putin I, defender of human civilization