Even Liberal Swedes Now Worried About Immigration

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2015

Wouldn't these girls be so much cuter if they were half Somalian?  Just imagine how good their teeth would be.
Wouldn’t these girls be so much cuter if they were half Somalian? And wrapped in sheets? Just imagine how good their teeth would be.

It seems that even liberal Swedes are now looking at the immigration issue a bit more realistically. Though this is perhaps much too little much too late.

The Local:

More than 60 percent of Swedes believe that immigration is good for Sweden, but a new poll suggests growing concerns about integration in the country.

While a clear majority of Swedes support their country’s open immigration policy, just 10 percent agree that integration efforts are working well, according to the survey by pollsters Ipsos commissioned by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“The results should serve as a lesson for our politicians. Swedish people give a clear disapproval of how integration works,” David Ahlin, Head of Research at Ipsos told the newspaper.

Criticism of integration policies came from across bloc boundaries.

Among centre-right voters who support the four Alliance parties that formed Fredrik Reinfeldt’s previous coalition government, 66 percent said that these efforts were working poorly.

54 percent of those who back Sweden’s left wing and green parties offered criticism.

Unsurprisingly, supporters of the nationalist Sweden Democrats were the least supportive of integration efforts, with 85 percent slamming current policies.

“Most Swedes agree – across party lines, generations, in all parts of Sweden, different levels of education and so on. It seems that there is a fairly broad consensus,” noted Ahlin.

The most common complaint among respondents was that immigrants in Sweden can end up segregated or isolated from other Swedes, due to problems with housing, jobs and education.

Integration doesn’t work, obviously. Understanding that is the first step. A baby-step, but a step. The next step would be to understand that immigrants don’t have any desire to integrate, and that by attempting to force them to integrate, all you are doing is provoking them to further violence. This then leads to the conclusion that it is not the Swedes’ fault that immigrants behave like animals, but in fact the fault of the immigrants themselves. Well, not even a “fault,” really, but an aspect of their evolutionary biology.

From there, you can only go full-Nazi.

I truly hope Sweden gets it together. But the real problem there is that they have allowed women to dictate policy, and I just can’t personally see how women could ever accept obvious facts. Unless, of course, they all had children they wanted to protect. But they don’t.