Evil NYC Cops Preventing Migrant Workers from Doing the Only Useful Job They Can Do

These migrants are going on robbery and shooting rampages, they are attacking the cops, they are begging and sleeping on the streets. None of that is a big concern for the NYPD.

Their big concern is hookers, quietly plying their trade in private.

That is to say: the cops are obsessed with preventing the least visible and only beneficial actions of these migrant hordes.

Relieving the disastrous effects of feminism is the only possible thing these people could do that would be valuable to society, and the cops are saying: “Actually, that’s the only thing you’re not allowed to do.”

The NYPD should change its name to “The Vaginal Doom Force.”

New York Post:

On Jan. 26, the NYPD boasted it had shuttered in one week a dozen massage parlors that were allegedly housing backroom bordellos along Queens’ Roosevelt Avenue, a notorious red-light district exposed in a series of exclusive Post reports.

The next day, at least a dozen skin merchants stood outside different storefronts to lure clients, according to a 27-minute YouTube clip with the caption “Still Here!”

This week, The Post again toured Roosevelt Avenue, where one bold sex worker wearing a furry white jacket and pink dress whispered in a reporter’s ear: “F—k f—k, one hundred dollars.”

A reasonable price!

How is this a crime???

Who is the victim??

Of course, they won’t tell you the real answer, but the victim is white sluts, who do not want these reasonable immigrants undercutting their business model.

The “Sex in the City” lifestyle becomes impossible for white women when men can cruise on down to the red light district and have their urges sated for $100.

Later that evening, several X-rated coworkers were out in the 34-degree cold luring customers even as cops manned a mobile command center 200 feet away.

[Police] stop them on Monday, and then they start again on Wednesday,” said one 45-year-old clothing store manager, who declined to give his name for fear of retaliation.

“The police officers here, they have to … keep constantly doing their job [addressing prostitution]. It cannot only be one time.”

Sarah Gil, 21, a server at La Pequeña Colombia restaurant, fretted that the ongoing influx of migrants to the Big Apple is challenging to the city’s mission to clean up the sex strip.

Oh. It was a 21-year-old woman complaining, huh?

How shocking. I find this so shocking, that this is the main complainer.

“I’m going to have faith [in the city’s efforts], but a lot of immigrants are coming here, especially from Venezuela,” Gil said, echoing Mayor Adams’ comments from November on the source of the area’s surge in sex work.

There’s always gonna be prostitution on Roosevelt Avenue.”

There is always going to be prostitution everywhere – unless the government shuts it down, which is something that is only done in America and other fully vaginal nations, who function on Vagina Law.

There is no victim.

This is the only useful job the migrants can do.

There are all kinds of real crimes being committed everywhere by these migrants, but the only one the police care about is hooking.

It tells you all you need to know.

The white women who promote mass immigration don’t care about the shootings and robberies or any of the other crimes, but they all go into total emotional breakdown mode when they see the hookers.