New York Democrat Declares Military Recruitment Failure is “Deeply Problematic as a Democracy”

You can die in the military.

It’s not as dangerous as being a logger. But loggers believe in what they’re doing. People need logs.

Who believes in what the US military is doing? Just some freaks on reddit.

Remember when the Ukraine tried to form an ISIS style foreign army on reddit? That was a major failure. Hardly anyone showed up, and then they died quickly. The only one who stuck around was that tranny, and he was made into a spokesman, then they had to cancel him because he kept threatening terrorist attacks against Russian civilians.

It was a massive failure for the US intelligence apparatus to have so few redditors show up to the war. They really thought they could repeat the ISIS model with gay anal replacing Wahhabist Islam. It did not work at all. At this point, I basically agree with the majority Islamic population that ISIS “was not real Islam,” but it was still a powerful force. It was powerful enough to drive young Moslems from around the world to go fly into Syria to fight against the Assad government on behalf of the governments of the US and Israel.

Some CIA analysts looked at that shit and were like “well, reddit trannyism is also a radical ideology – we can form a terrorist army out of these people too.”

It did not work.

It didn’t work for the same reason no one is applying for the US military: even while some people do believe in global forced vax-tranny-globalwarmingism, it’s a very tiny fraction that would be willing to die for it.

And there simply is not an argument to be made that the US military is “protecting America.” No one believes that. The government doesn’t really even try to claim that anymore. If you just listen to the Joe Biden speeches, he says the US exists to enforce “global democracy values.”

The Guardian:

New York Democratic representative Pat Ryan said that having only 1% of Americans serving in the US military is “deeply problematic as a democracy”.

In an interview with CBS’s Face The Nation ahead of Memorial Day, Ryan, who is a veteran of the US army, said: “When you lose touch between those that are fighting our wars and their families and everyone else, that’s something so essential that we have to figure out how to bring folks together, and get more folks serving.”

Ryan, who did two tours in Iraq, said that he is working on recruiting more Americans to serve in the military.

Speaking alongside Florida’s Republican representative and army veteran Mike Waltz, Ryan said: “A lot of the work we did … on the defense bill is recruiting. Every service has been challenged on recruiting numbers and we’ve been pushing a bunch of directions to say that is not acceptable to the department of defense. And we’re starting to see the numbers come up.”

I doubt the numbers are coming up through anything other than recruitment of illegal immigrants. They are not publishing any of these details.

One idea that I’ve put out there, which I think is worth considering (which is different than an idea I put out there which I think is a fact), is that there must be some people arguing that Donald Trump would be much better at recruiting for the military than Joe Biden.

Trump has basically abandoned all of his pro-American, pro-Christian positions. He spent months going around promoting abortion. He’s saying now that Israel comes before America. He’s doing gay anal rallies. He’s maybe talking about immigration or whatever, I don’t really know. Mostly I see him still whining about being persecuted.

On that point: I understand whining about being persecuted. In 2017, when I became the most banned man ever in history, I whined about it quite a bit. But then two separate men who I respect came to me and were like “bro, you gotta quit whining about your rights and just move forward,” and I did that. To this day, I am a bit shy to tell the story of just how brutally banned I am (for example, I’m never allowed to have any form of bank account for the rest of my life) because I know that there is a limit to what people want to hear about how oppressed you are.

Anyway, no one is telling Trump to back off that shit, or he’s not listening, because at least 90% of the material I see from him is him talking about how unfair everything is to him. Of the other 10%, I’ve not heard anything I care about very much.

That said, there are a fair number of people who have a permanent idea of Trump as the 2016 ultimate patriot. There is a 100% chance he would massively drive up military recruitment numbers, particularly if there was some kind of false flag bullshit to back it up.

I’m not really ready to bet on Trump v. Biden. Frankly, I did think Biden would be switched out with Gavin Newsom. But the US establishment, and the global Western/Jewish establishment at large, is now so obsessed with wars, it seems like “ability to pump up support for wars” is going to be the defining issue in the appointment of the next president.

If Biden is reappointed, he’s going to have to do a draft.