Watch: Black Middle Schooler Throws Teacher Against Wall in Texas

Do we have any entitled cunts in the classroom?

Get ’em up against the wall.

New York Post:

A Texas middle school student violently threw a teacher against the wall as he attacked a peer in front of the distraught students on Monday.

The teacher tried to break up the fight during an “isolated incident” between the peers at Hurshel Antwine Middle School in El Paso.

One student hurled a couple of punches at his classmate and grabbed the teacher, who inserted herself in between the students before he threw her aside and unleashed several more punches.

A third student started to punch the aggressor while the teacher got back to her feet and stopped the child from becoming involved in the fight.

Man, I wish my school was this fun.

My shit was like Merle Haggard in Oklahoma – LSD is still the greatest thrill of all.

Wish I could have brought in the blacks to beat my teachers.