Farage Says Immigrant Children Should be Banned from Schools

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2015

"Sorry, little Hadji.  You're going to have to stay home and play with your Koran."
“Sorry, little Hadji. You’re going to have to stay home and play with your Koran.”

You know, you can complain that UKIP isn’t hardcore enough, but you have to admit, given the amount of popularity the party has, they are still able to remain more hardcore than you’d expect them to be.

The Guardian:

The children of new immigrants coming to Britain should not immediately be allowed to attend state schools, Nigel Farage has suggested. The Ukip leader made the comments when asked about a policy on the party’s website saying immigrants and their dependants would need private education for five years after entering the UK.

Farage said it was a “difficult” issue and that it was not a manifesto pledge. But he said his personal view was that immigrants would only bring their dependants after a period of time and after that he would not envisage their children being allowed to go straight into state schools.

The What We Stand For section of Ukip’s website says: “Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependants for five years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), education and housing – they should pay into the pot before they take out of it.”

Asked how that would work and whether it could in fact lead to more segregation in schools, Farage said: “Basically, people would bring dependants, not immediately. They would bring them after a period of time. I think the most important thing is that those that come do have healthcare. That’s really, really important, and on the life-threatening disease stuff, that’s perfectly clear … The dependants thing is much more difficult. But I wouldn’t foresee people coming into Britain immediately being allowed to bring children to go through the state system. Except for very high earners, it wouldn’t be very relevant.”

Ukip supports a five-year ban on unskilled migrants coming to Britain and allowing highly-skilled people to enter only if they have enough “points” under an Australian-style border control system.

People outside of the UK don’t seem to understand how completely Jewed it is, and how it is necessary to be a bit cagey about racism. We saw this from Sargon of Akkad, who is pretty right-wing on some issues, but is a completely hardcore anti-racist SJW when it comes to the invasion.

Farage is definitely playing politics, definitely being strategic, but he is clearly closer to our view than he is to the view of the mainstream.