Fat Black Woman Creator of 1619 Project Accepts Teaching Job at University, Refuses to Show Up Until She Gets Tenure

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The College Fix:

Backtracking on her acceptance of an offer

Although she accepted University of North Carolina’s offer to teach at the journalism school on a fixed, five-year team, Nikole Hannah-Jones said she will not start her job until she’s given full tenure.

The architect of the “1619 Project” made the announcement through her attorneys, in a letter obtained by NC Policy Watch. It is published in full at the bottom of the article.

“According to the letter, Hannah-Jones will not begin her position as Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism on July 1, as scheduled,” the left-leaning organization said. It reported that Hannah-Jones “will not take the position without tenure.”

“The letter makes clear that Hannah-Jones has not withdrawn her application for tenure and does not intend to do so,” Policy Watch said.

Jones “will not join the faculty,” in contradiction to her February 2021 contract, her attorneys said.

The letter said that Jones is “eminently qualified” and listed off a handful of awards the New York Times journalist has won.

Her attorneys allege that the university agreed to vote on her tenure in November, but that vote never happened. Despite not receiving a vote on tenure, Jones still accepted the contractual offer in February “to minimize the monetary damages she incurred” and to minimize “the damage to her reputational standing.”

She alleges “viewpoint discrimination” in violation of state and federal law as well as “race and sex discrimination.”

“Under these circumstances, any appointment of Ms. Hannah-Jones without tenure is unacceptable,” the letter concluded.

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The 1619 Project is facing a lot of heat, given that aside from the extremist politics it represents, it is also filled with factual inaccuracies. Some leftists are feeling that this threatens the integrity of their anti-white agenda, and that their anti-white materials should be more based on ideology, instead of just making up fake historical facts.

That said, in all likelihood, this bitch is going to be able to bully her way into tenure.