Fat Map: Only 3 States Have Obesity Levels Under 25%, None Less Than 20%, Some Up to 40%

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2019

For true winners, there’s no direction but up, which is why Americans are ballooning themselves up into celestial bodies.

The Sun:

Obesity levels have reached nearly 40 per cent in parts of the United States, a shocking new map reveals.

The map shows that in nine states – Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and West Virginia – adult obesity is at or above 35 per cent.

But in West Virginia and Mississippi that figure hits 39.5 per cent, according to data from the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Across the whole of the US, only three states have obesity levels under 25 per cent, and none have less than 20 per cent.

That just speaks of the good heart of Americans who are not willing to let food go to waste in the most abundant country on Earth.

It’s a matter of principles. What are you going to do with all this abundance being mass-produced?

You’re not going to let it go to waste, are you?

Colorado, Hawaii and the District of Columbia are the healthiest.

Obesity costs the United States health care system over $147 billion a year and research has shown it affects work productivity and military readiness, says the CDC.

All these years, all that money could have been used to pay for a slave robot army to work for Americans or something, but instead it was thrown away because some humanoids can’t stop absorbing calories.

When she was First Lady, Michelle Obama championed the cause of tackling childhood obesity.

But John Auerbach, president and CEO of the Trust for America’s Health, which fights for action to tackle obesity, said individual campaigns weren’t enough.

“These latest data shout that our national obesity crisis is getting worse,” he said.

Almost 50 years into the upward curve of obesity rates we haven’t yet found the right mix of programs to stop the epidemic.”

Isolated programs and calls for lifestyle changes aren’t enough.

“Instead, our report highlights the fundamental changes that are needed in the social and economic conditions that make it challenging for people to eat healthy foods and get sufficient exercise.”

Yes, John, isolated programs and calls for change aren’t enough. We have to implement change ourselves if we want these blobs of fat to return to human form.

The solution is to round them all up and put them in camps or prisons where the only way to leave is for them to step on scales in the inside of their cells that will open the door when their weight doesn’t exceed some threshold.

Obviously, there wouldn’t be any kind of food in those facilities. Only water.

We could also figure out a way to harness the calories they burn for electricity to power the whole thing up. They’re like ridiculously unpractical batteries, these fat monsters.

Rounding them all up may sound harsh, but is it harsher than them enslaving 5-year-old boys because they choose to disable themselves through food?

Fat people make healthy people suffer.

They make healthy people pay hundreds of billions a year for their “health” care while being visual rapists forcing their deformed figures on the minds of innocent humans that just happened to cross paths with them.

If we’re not going to starve them because being obese is their choice or whatever, the least we could do is stop paying for their mistakes.