Fat Retard Musk Says He Didn’t Cancel Plans to Compete with Chinese EVs

He’s fat. He’s retarded. He’ll ban you from masturbating.

Reuters reported that the censorship overlord Elon Musk is canceling plans to make a cheaper Tesla to compete with the Chinese. Musk, who is fat and retarded, responded on Twitter to a post about this. Then – get this – Elon’s response to the tweet was used as a “community notes” on the very tweet he’d responded to!

It’s like inception.

Anyway, Musk, who has floppy tits, cannot make a $10,000 Tesla, so it doesn’t really make sense that he would try.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dismissed a report by Reuters claiming the US carmaker has canceled a project for a low-cost vehicle owing to fierce competition from Chinese electric-vehicle (EV) makers.

On Friday, Reuters wrote, citing sources familiar with the matter and company messages, that the automaker will focus on developing self-driving robotaxis instead of pursuing Musk’s longstanding goal of bringing affordable electric cars to the masses.

“Reuters is lying (again),” Musk wrote on X (formerly Twitter), commenting on a post about the outlet’s report. 

According to Reuters, the now-defunct vehicle, sometimes described as the Model 2, was supposed to start at $25,000. Musk first teased the model at a company event in September 2020.

Sources claimed they learned of Tesla’s decision to scrap the Model 2 in a meeting attended by numerous employees, one of whom claimed the gathering happened in late February.

“Elon’s directive is to go all in on robotaxi,” that person reportedly said.

Well, he already got beat by Google on the robotaxi.

So what difference does it make if he’s competing in a different area where he already lost?

He does nothing but lose. Lose and make money. He makes a lot of money.

Several company messages reviewed by Reuters about the decision reportedly included one from March 1. It came from an unnamed program manager for the affordable car who was discussing the project’s demise with engineering staff and advising them to hold off on telling suppliers about the cancellation of the program. 

“The stark reversal comes as Tesla faces fierce competition globally from Chinese electric-vehicle makers flooding the market with cars priced as low as $10,000,” Reuters wrote, adding that the plan for driverless robotaxis presents a stiffer engineering challenge and more regulatory risk.

The article also pointed out that the US automaker was late to the segment partly due to a pivotal decision by Musk to focus on the highly experimental Cybertruck instead of an affordable car.

That is so funny.

The Cybertruck was such a retarded waste. It’s the epitome of Elon’s thought process: spent all resources on building a big stupid ugly expensive rusty metal monstrosity while getting BTFO by the Chinese who are making better, cheaper EVs.

No one is buying that stupid truck. I read and watched several reviews. It’s garbage. The interior is garbage. Go sit in one at a lot and compare it to say, a Dodge Ram. The Ram is about six million times more comfortable, and it’s bigger, better, and cheaper.

EVs are retarded in the first place, but if you want one, you can just buy the Chinese one.

Oh, no, sorry – you can’t buy those, because Joe Biden banned them. Even though he says they are necessary to change the weather (which is the most important crisis in the universe), he banned them.

He’s banned all Chinese vehicles, because the US market could not tolerate $10,000 cars that are at least as good as Kias (or whatever).

Anyway, if you go anywhere else in the world, you see huge numbers of these BYD cars on the road. The company is called “Build Your Dreams.” The cars have those words written on the back. I used to hate the name, but now I’m like “well, if this car really will help me build my dreams, then I’m in.”

Tesla is a failed company being propped up by the US government. There is still some “cool” factor, maybe, but that will be totally destroyed by that stupid ugly “Cybertruck” everyone hates.

Right now, if China was allowed to sell their cars in the US, they would dominate and Tesla would be run out of business.

Eventually, these global warming freaks – who are the only people on earth fatter and more retarded than Elon Musk – are going to force the US government to allow these Chinese EVs, and that will be the end of Tesla. Most of the global warmers hate Elon Musk already, because despite it being his main product, he says global warming isn’t even real, and he also hates trannies and Jews and so on.