Fauci Says Everyone Will Eventually Need Coronavirus Vaccine “Boosters”

The face of a man who can decipher Science’s latest wishes just by looking at the data.

In the darkest night, Science came to Lord Fauci with its latest dark revelation: “boosters, my humble prophet – boost them all the way into eternal health, free of the threat of death.”

New York Post:

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it’s likely that the elderly, along with others with compromised immune systems, will need to get booster shots to protect them against COVID-19.

The White House chief medical adviser said the groups are unlikely to have had a strong immune response to the vaccine and may need a third dose.

There’s no doubt that over time, you’re going to have an attenuation of protection,” Fauci said on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

Jump to 12:40 for the boosters section.

 “If you look at the data from Pfizer — Pfizer shows it went down from the 90s down to around 84 after a few months,” Fauci said, referring to data that shows the degree of the vaccine’s effectiveness leveling off in the months after receiving the shot.

The recent data for Moderna shows that it isn’t really going down, but everyone assumes, and I think correctly, that sooner or later you’re going to see an attenuation to the point where we’re going to have to give an additional boost to people, very likely the elderly, before you give it to otherwise normal people who are not old,” he concluded.

Fauci said that the booster shots will begin to be administered to vulnerable groups “as soon as the data gets to us.”

Right now, the boosters are only going to be a third shot of the same vaccine.

But we’ve already heard that there are new vaccines in development.

It’s just what we said it was going to be in April of 2020: they are going to roll out an eternal stream of new vaccines, which the peasants will be required to take without question.

The same app that allows you entry to the latest shindig will also contain an alert system that tells you when and where you need to go to get your latest injection.

Every workplace will be told that if you show them your app, saying you’re going for your latest “jab,” they will have to let you go.

Uber will offer you a free ride, through the link on the app, to the stated location.

Originally, they told us that these shots would be annual, but it is now looking like they could be every two months.

We don’t know what these injections are doing, but it makes sense that they are testing genetic engineering compounds on the masses. Through the orderly app system, in which everyone is tracked and their medical history is in a database, they can easily give different injections to different people, and then track the effects.