FDA to Approve Mix and Match of Coronavirus Vaccines, Just Get Injected with Whatever!

The time has come to really just start jabbing yourselves with whatever.

Double Pfizer, triple Moderna, quadruple Johnson & Johnson – just go all in.

New York Times:

The Food and Drug Administration is planning to allow Americans to receive a different Covid-19 vaccine as a booster than the one they initially received, a move that could reduce the appeal of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and provide flexibility to doctors and other vaccinators.

The government would not recommend one shot over another, and it might note that using the same vaccine as a booster when possible is preferable, people familiar with the agency’s planning said. But vaccine providers could use their discretion to offer a different brand, a freedom that state health officials have been requesting for weeks.

The approach was foreshadowed on Friday, when researchers presented the findings of a federally funded “mix and match” study to an expert committee that advises the Food and Drug Administration. The study found that recipients of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose shot who received a Moderna booster saw their antibody levels rise 76-fold in 15 days, compared with only a fourfold increase after an extra dose of Johnson & Johnson.

If you really want to stay protected from the deadly coronavirus, you should be getting some kind of injection every week or so.

You just have to build up your antibodies.

It’s all about antibodies, and you need to maximize that by maximizing the injections.

It’s the only way you have any chance of staying alive during this deadly pandemic.