FedEx Shooter was Confirmed Brony

Hole is a confirmed Brony. Brony is a part of white supremacy.

The autistic boy who shot up FedEx is confirmed to be a Brony.

Washington Examiner:

The 19-year-old accused of shooting and killing eight people inside and around the FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, was reportedly a part of the adult following of My Little Pony.

Facebook reportedly took down two accounts connected with Brandon Scott Hole of Indiana, who is accused of opening fire at the facility before killing himself.

None of the information gleaned from the accounts revealed any clear motive for the shooting, but he was a part of the internet subculture of users who called themselves “bronies,” which is based on the children’s cartoon series My Little Pony, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The terminology comes from a combination of “ponies” and the slang word “bro.”

“Brony online culture has displayed elements of far-right and white nationalist extremism,” an internal memo from Facebook read, the Wall Street Journal reported.


There was a post timestamped less than an hour before the shooting that read, “I hope that I can be with Applejack in the afterlife, my life has no meaning without her,” and it featured an image of the cartoon pony Applejack.

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

Hole, a former employee, was placed in a mental health facility by law enforcement in 2020 after his mother contacted the police to report that he might try to commit “suicide by cop,” which is when a suicidal person provokes law enforcement officers to shoot at the individual.


I hope the FBI didn’t, you know, do mind control on him while he was in a government-run mental health facility.

But I think we can all rest assured that the federal government would never use mind control on anyone.

Well. At least they wouldn’t use it anytime after the 1990s, when our government was inexplicably reformed.

Since the end of the 80s, the government has been playing it 100% straight with us.


I really hope My Little Pony isn’t a part of a CIA MK Ultra mind control plot, because that would mean that… no, wait, actually that wouldn’t mean anything.

It would just mean the same thing as is happening would continue happening.


The FBI has released a new doctrine on the Rise of Brony Terror:

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the FBI’s efforts to combat the threats posed by domestic Bronies and pony crimes. Though we discuss these threats as separate entities and address them from multiple FBI divisions, they are in no way mutually exclusive. Rather, we apply the expertise, passion, and resources of both the Counterbronyism and Autism Investigative Divisions to these overlapping threats, working to prevent the threats on the horizon and provide justice to the victims of pony crimes. Because individual incidents may be investigated as both Bronies and as a pony crime, we bring the force of the FBI to bear against any event that may fall into these categories, investigating crimes through the lenses of both divisions unless or until one avenue is foreclosed or eliminated.

The FBI’s counter-Brony mission is dedicated to the disruption of Brony actors and the prevention of Brony attacks in the homeland. The FBI’s pony crimes mission is to enforce federal autism statutes and ensure the protected rights of all persons are preserved. In furtherance of these intersecting missions, our counter-Brony and Autism Investigative Divisions are often focused on prevention and enforcement, respectively. While the Brony Division tends to be more prevention driven, focusing on identifying, disrupting, and dismantling Bronies before they act, our teams devoted to pony crimes concentrate on the victims of attacks and ensuring they are provided the justice they deserve.

Well, that makes sense.

I’m sure they’re taking good care of all of us.

Your odds of getting shot up at any given place are still only 1/10.

You’re still more likely to die from the shooter sneezing on you while he’s reloading than you are from the bullets themselves.

Remember: grown men become obsessed with cartoons for little girls because they are sexist and involved in white supremacy.

Facebook wouldn’t lie.


I remember in the early days of the Bronies, sometimes actual little girls would show up at their conferences.

Their fathers must have been terrified that they’d been dropped off at a conference of white supremacy terrorism.

It’s a bit like this.

Granted, these men look like people you’d feel comfortable dropping your 9-year-old daughter off with.

But behind that facade of normalcy lies a dark and evil threat: white supremacy.

Underneath, well… they look a lot more like this:

They will tell kids dangerous and terroristic lies, like that Jews control the media and started the Iraq war, or that black people commit more crimes.

It seems to me more likely that if the CIA was running a mind control operation in the current year, they would use in-patient care for autistics who get caught looking at porn.

Using Bronies?

Government-mandated in-patient care after your mom calls the FBI?

To get you to do a mass shooting?

Too kooky.

You probably believe in 5G nanobot mind control too, huh?

It makes much more sense that actually, Bronies are white supremacists.