28 Injured, 2 Dead in Baltimore “Mass Shooting”

This isn’t really how the term “mass shooting” is usually used. This was a black event. Very standard.

The media generally doesn’t report these events as “mass shootings,” because if they did, the entire “list of mass shooters” would be blacks. There would be a few white faces, like that Jew who shot up his school in Florida, or the FBI patsy who shot the blacks in the supermarket in Buffalo. But you wouldn’t really be able to notice any whites, because like every other list of crimes, it would be overwhelmingly black.


Police in the U.S. city of Baltimore said that two people had died and 28 others were injured in a mass shooting early on Sunday morning at a housing block in the city.

The city’s police department said three of the injured were in a critical condition after the incident at 800 block of Gretna Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Baltimore soon after midnight.

An 18-year-old female was pronounced dead at the scene and a 20-year-old male was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital, the police said.

Nine people were transported from the scene to local hospitals, while 20 others affected walked into hospitals in the area, police said.

Medstar Harbor Hospital’s emergency department treated 19 patients on Sunday morning, all suffering varying degrees of injury from gunshot wounds after the incident, MedStar Health Baltimore told Reuters in an emailed response.

Hundreds of people were gathered in the area for an event called “Brooklyn Day,” a witness told TV station Fox 45, adding that they had heard 20 to 30 shots fired.

I guess 28 injuries is a high number, but this happens very often with numbers hit in the high teens. In reality, “28 injured” doesn’t even mean “28 shot,” it’s everyone who went to the hospital (and maybe/probably even everyone treated by paramedics and sent home with a boo-boo). A fat black can fall down in a panic while trying to flee and scrape his knee and be counted among the “injured.”

The reason this happens is that black people have a very interesting way of shooting guns. They do not aim, and often hold guns sideways. They just empty out magazines on crowds of people when they are trying to kill some specific person in the crowd. Also, sometimes they just have general grievances against a neighborhood or a group of people and so decide to open fire on them in a crowded place.

It’s really wacky that people blame “racism” for something that blacks were doing in Africa before whites even arrived – it’s sport killing of humans. It’s very well-documented.

In actual reality, at the time whites were supposedly most “racist,” blacks were doing the best. Under slavery, and then under Jim Crow, blacks had a good life, and they engaged in much less violence. Since Jim Crow ended, the black family has fallen apart, so the boys grow up without male role models, and they’ve become wards of the state. Meanwhile, they are told everything they do is white people’s fault.

Black people are now saying they want a “divorce” from America. If that happened, our violent crime rate would drop to virtually zero. Frankly, even the Mexicans don’t commit a lot of violent crime. It’s way more than whites, but nowhere near as much as blacks.