Finding Mommy: A Journey Towards Finding Your Mommy

I posted the above video on the alternative social media site “Gab.” I’m warming up for getting unleashed on Twitter.

Gab is filled with neo-Nazis. The media constantly slanders me as a neo-Nazi, and they don’t let me respond. My response is that I can’t be a neo-Nazi because I’m not a feminist. All of the people who any normal person would think of as a “neo-Nazi” – people who wear Nazi costumes and go marching around giving Hitler salutes, or support people who do that – are extreme feminists.

There was a documentary about neo-Nazis being converted to liberalism because a 6/10 Paki woman flirted with them.

I mean, she was sexy, I guess. She had a sort of sexy thing going on. She wore like, sports clothing, including large trendy Nikes.

But these neo-Nazis in this documentary, called “White Right: Meeting the Enemy,” were totally transformed by her. She went to visit them to film this, and she flirted with them (as is the method of female journalists, see: April O’Neil). These men just crumbled and renounced all of their beliefs during the documentary filming.

Neo-Nazis are weird, disgusting people. I didn’t even know they were real when I started this site, so when the media started calling me that I was like “yeah – I am a neo-Nazi! Haha, lmao!” Then I saw these people and was like “oh holy shit, please, don’t print that, please!” No, I never actually begged them not to, but it really is like, they should be sued. I would rather they say “Andrew Anglin, a kike.”

Aside from being fat, greasy losers, neo-Nazis are extreme feminists. Those neo-Nazis who were defending women who had sex with Harvey Weinstein back in 2020 – I wrote a series of articles responding to them – were using neo-post-Marxist-intersectional-feminist arguments about “power dynamics.” Why do they even know these arguments? Very few leftists even know these arguments.

It’s total slander to group me with these people. I am in good shape and I do not respect women at all.

I posted that video of that slut talking about having sex with the blacks, and many neo-Nazis came out to insult me in defense of women. None of them will actually defend women, they just attack me.

I told them all that I am not their mother and I do not know where she is.

I was shocked by this one:

Imagine knowing enough about me to know I’m open about having visited hookers and not knowing how badly you are going to feel when I respond to you when you write that to me.

I responded:

The total obliviousness of male feminists is remarkable. Imagine saying “I’m better than you because I behave in a way women approve of.”

This is what you’re saying when you brag about “getting laid for free.” Male feminists are worms, they are very slow and simple, but they do understand this, and they think it’s good. They are proud that women approve of their behavior and claim that they are rewarded by their vaginal masters with sex (whether they actually get that reward or not is irrelevant).

Women are not going up to men and just stripping down and offering up their pussy. That’s not happening in real life. So if you are literally going around bragging about how you “don’t pay for it,” what you’re saying is that you spent 6-10 hours putting on a show and listening to some stupid whore talk.

How much money is your time worth, bro? 6-10 hours of your life is worth less than the cost of a hooker? You’re so proud of that fact that you go around bragging about it on the internet? You actually try to shame men who refuse to perform for women?

Frankly, you’re worse than the sluts themselves. You’re a pathetic faggot, you worship pussy because you crave mommy’s attention. You lust after mommy’s approval. You need that pat on the head like a junkie needs dope. You judge yourself and other men by women’s approval. You’re a broken wretch, a slave, a worm. You’ve sold out your masculinity, you’ve sold your dignity, you’ve sold your basic self-respect. You are a failed man and you’re so cartoonishly pitiful that you’re actually proud of this fact and you go around bragging about it.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to be so low. Why don’t you try dealing with your issues with your real mommy, and see if you can salvage some shred of dignity?

That Gabber did not respond.

Another Gabber apparently misread what I wrote and thought I was talking about my own sex life, responding:

Your private life is your private life. Seriously man, most of your followers here on Gab want you to be happy and win at life; many hope you’ve found or will find a life partner with whom to move forward in this crazy simulation called life. Many folks past a certain age aren’t thinking about “getting laid for free.” Instead, they usually want to settle down and stop having to keep looking for the “right woman.” Anyways man, it’s your life. You do you.

It made me a bit uncomfortable that someone would think I was saying that I “try to get laid for free” or that whatever this is, and someone telling me “you do you” makes me doubly uncomfortable, so I replied and decided to elaborate on what I was attempting to communicate to these saps:

I don’t understand what this means.

Did you read my post? I am not talking about my private life. I didn’t mention myself at all. I can’t see what wasn’t clear there, but to clarify:

I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about people who go around talking about how great it is to “get laid for free.”

This is what people always say when you point out the horrendous behavior of women, because they can’t actually defend the behavior. They say that the only reason you would talk about the behavior is that you are upset that women don’t have casual sex with you. This is common among both normal mainline Jew type feminists and neo-Nazis.

I personally do not try to seduce women, I haven’t done that in years, and I think the casual sex culture is cancer and should be totally restricted and abolished through putting limits on women’s ability to engage in these acts. To clarify: my sex life is not what we are talking about. I don’t how we got to that, but I did not mention my sex life.

The relevance of the “you can’t get laid” insult is the reason they throw out this insult in the first place: male feminists put much weight on women’s approval, and denounce men who do not strive for women’s approval. The relevance of this is: these men have what are called “mommy issues.” They were held hostage by empowered women as children, and their entire existence as a young child was dependent on their ability to earn approval from women. They take that woman pleaser identity into adulthood, and it takes the form of trying to get laid as a way to gain approval.

It is not about the sex. If it was about the sex, they would not talk against prostitution, which is what anyone who is horny going to go for, unless they have a need for approval.

These broken shell of men will say “I want her to like me.” If it is about sex, why would you care if she likes you? It does not follow logically. A good hooker is paid to like you.

To be clear: I have been open about the fact that I’ve visited prostitutes at various points in my life. This is shameful insofar as any sex outside of marriage is shameful, but my assertion is that it is much less shameful than going around trying to “get laid for free.” It is extremely telling that this is used as an insult. It explains everything about male feminism – the fact that they think this is an insult, that they assume that everyone else will view it as an insult. Because they never overcame childhood trauma, they live in a reality where existence is based on female approval, and they are unable to comprehend a reality in which men do not care about female approval. When I stand up against women, I become the ultimate enemy. Neo-Nazis speak worse about me than the Jews do. These people are seething.

To further clarify about the way the casual sex culture works:

It’s been a long time, but I was young and horny once, and I did spend time with women who are not hookers due to the culture I grew up in (where there weren’t any hookers due to feminism).

No one “gets laid for free.” It’s a myth. People get laid because they please women. There is no such thing as “seduction.” Women know a lot more about sex than men, because a woman’s entire existence is based on who she has sex with. Anyone who has ever been around women, who is not in a state of denial, understands all of this.

When you “get laid for free,” what you’ve done is convince the woman that you deserve her approval. This is the basis of everything men with mommy syndrome do. They get tattoos, they go to the gym, they engage with fashion, they develop a fake personality that they call “alpha” – all with the aim of “getting laid for free.” These men shape their entire lives around getting approval from women.

In order to actually have sex with a woman “for free,” you have to spend multiple hours – on average, between 6 and 10 – putting on a show for a woman. You have to entertain her like a dancing monkey. There is nothing at all pleasant about a woman’s company. They are stupid and very uninteresting. The only men who legitimately enjoy women’s company are homosexuals. Therefore, the sex is only free if you are working for free, because putting on this performance for some stupid bitch is grueling work.

I am denouncing all of this. Women are controlling men in this society, and these poor faggots I quote-tweeted have internalized female oppression. They identify with women, because they have not broken out of the situation they were in as children.

It’s all very straightforward and simple to understand, but it takes a bit to unpack, because no one but me talks about it.

If you haven’t engaged with this, then here’s the deal: you have to recognize what your mother did to you, the abuse you suffered as she controlled you and hurt you, the way she made herself the center of your existence and pushed your father out of your life, and then you have to forgive her for it. You will release the spirit of women out of your soul, and you will be able to overcome this desire to serve women.

By the way, I don’t promote prostitution. Well, I might promote prostitution as a necessary social institution, but I don’t promote visiting prostitutes. Any sex outside of marriage is a sin and sin is bad. I say I’ve been to prostitutes for one because it’s true and it’s relevant, and for another I don’t want to end up in some situation where Jews try to “expose” me by spying on me and spilling personal stuff. But I don’t encourage any sins. I have said that going to a hooker is better than doing this lunatic “casual sex” stuff, for the reasons stated above. If you’re not married and have an overwhelming drive to have sex, that just is what it is. It’s sad that men don’t have wives. I don’t think that justifies sin, but it makes it more understandable. But that’s what it’s about then, right? It’s about sex. It’s not about “finding someone who likes me.”

Frankly, it doesn’t even matter if your wife likes you. Who cares? Women are stupid and they like things that suck.

The whole marriage thing – it’s difficult. What can we do? I don’t know.

What you should remember is that these men who defend women are the reason you don’t have a wife. They are perpetuating this by empowering dangerous whores. They devote their lives to it.

More and more, I see neo-Nazism as a kind of very extreme male feminism that goes totally anti-social. They become filled with toxic simp energy and want act out in the street in mommy’s name. Neo-Nazism is the final form of feminism. These people do not even care about white people – if they did they would not support women. Women are literally killing the white race, and if we got rid of the Jews and left women in power, very little would change.

But the rest of men in society are not much better. Probably, leftists are not worse than conservatives. In some ways, conservatives are probably worse.

Because of the way women took total control in the 1960s, more or less everyone in our society grew up under a mommy regime, where as a child they needed women’s approval to survive. Very few have broken out of it. Very few.