Florida: Envious Cops Report Fellow Officer’s Harem of Teenage Girls, Ruin His Life

I mean, you shouldn’t have a haram. It’s a sin.

But whose business is it?

How is it the business of the government? How is it the business of his employer?

The government can’t regulate morality. That is the job of the Church.

Well, they can regulate gays. But even then, honestly, they should just make it illegal to be publicly gay. You can’t regulate private sex lives. I mean, apparently you can, but it is tyrannical.

New York Post:

A Florida police officer has been arrested for allegedly hosting a party involving drugs, alcohol and sex acts with four teenage girls.

Markanthony Fernandez, 24, was hit with four felony and six misdemeanor charges on Tuesday over the inappropriate behavior that allegedly occurred over the weekend of February 3, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

Markanthony Fernandez

The incident in question involved two 18-year-old girls as well as a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old, police said.

He is believed to have met at least one of the girls on social media, who may have introduced him to the others, Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference.

Fernandez allegedly recorded multiple Snapchat videos of one of the 18-year-olds wearing his police-issued jacket, while the 17-year-old performed a sex act on the older girl at his request.

Several of the videos showed the victims naked with Fernandez inside his home in Lake Wales, officials said.

Fernandez also gave the four teens THC gummies, vape pens and alcohol, the investigators noted.

He told the teens that he was sexually aroused by choking, Judd said.

Fernandez allegedly choked the 18-year-old until she passed out, and also held the 17-year-old’s neck so tightly that she was scared, the sheriff told reporters.

Fernandez was also accused of taking the 16-year-old into his bedroom, where he started to touch her and choke her.

Fernandez shared videos of the incident with fellow officers at the Bartow Police Department, who reported it to their superiors.

Did he really choke them though? Or did they just say that for attention?

Is there proof on the video?

I just really have a hard time believing women and frankly any narrative about women being victims is considered by me to be a lie on its face, no matter what.