Florida: Lot Full of New Cybertrucks Spray Painted with “Fuck Elon” Because People Hate His Stupid Fat Face

People hate Elon Musk because he censors everyone and tries to put computer chips in their brains while working with the US Government to spy on everyone and build a mass war machine. He also gives porno to jungle people for some reason.

People hate that he charges you $100,000 for a “full self-driving” car that crashes and kills you.

People hate his fat face.

Most of all, people hate his stupid ugly meme truck.

New York Post:

Vandals with an apparent vendetta against Tesla CEO Elon Musk spray painted “F—k Elon” on 34 brand new Cybertrucks in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale police received a call around 8:30 Thursday morning from a person reporting that the massive electric vehicles, which were in perfect condition the night before, had been defaced, police told The Post in a statement.

“It was just one row and then it was a second row, and then a third row and a fourth row,” Adam Docktor, who works nearby, told WPLG.

The starting price for the Cybertruck ranges from $57,000 to $96,000, depending on version.

Tesla leases the parking lot, which has minimum security, to store the vehicles, WPLG reported.

If you’re going to build the ugliest truck, while you push everyone on earth to hate you, you need security.

If Elon is going to park these monstrosities on a lot, he needs to hire serious security. Like, he should consider contracting MS-13.

The good news is, eventually those global warming retards are going to figure out that China is selling electric cars that are better than Teslas for 1/10th of the price. They literally have EVs for under $10,000 now.

They’ve already taken over the world.

This is while they are banned from the US and the US is bullying Europe into putting massive tariffs on them to try to protect Tesla.

Once the warmers figure out what the US is doing, banning these very affordable and much higher quality vehicles, they are going to demand Biden drop the ban.

Poor people who don’t even care about global warming are probably interested in new cars for under $10,000 as well.

Probably also worth noting that Teslas are the least safe cars on earth.

Twitter is more censored than Facebook at this point.

Elon is only protected by the fact that he’s used government subsidies to become embedded into the Military Industrial Complex, which allows him to sit around smoking weed and playing Diablo 4 all day while normal people are forced to die in his ridiculously overpriced death traps and even those not stupid enough to buy the death traps are forced to look at these Cybertrucks on the road.