Florida Tap Water Eats Person’s Brain

It’s unfortunate that people in Florida are having their brains eaten by the tap water.

However, we simply do not have the money to do anything about it. We have to send all the money to Jews in the Ukraine and Israel, because that is who we are in a democracy because of our values of human rights.

It is unfortunate that democracy is who we are as a result of our values, because this situation, where we are incapable of doing anything for the people of our own country because we have to use all tax money to start wars all over the world, hamstrings us. However, we can’t change who we are, because of our values that make us who we are in a rules-based order.

New York Post:

A Florida person is dead after contracting an incredibly rare “brain-eating” infection that appears to have come from tap water, federal health officials said.

The person was infected with Naegleria fowleri after rinsing their nose with tap water, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Fox 4. The patient died on Feb. 20.

The adult patient reportedly performed nasal rinsing daily with unboiled tap water, which is thought to be the source of the infection,” the CDC said in a statement to the station.

The CDC additionally said this was the first case of the deadly infection this year and the first ever reported in the winter months in the US, according to the station.

The CDC did not detail where the person lived in the state, but state health officials said in a news release last Thursday there was a case of Naegleria fowleri that took place in Charlotte County, located in the southwest part of the Sunshine State.

The Florida health department advised people to not let water go up their noses while showering or washing their faces and if they use a sinus rinse solution, to only use distilled or sterile water.

State health officials stressed that people can’t contract the infection by drinking tap water.

It’s sort of hilarious, all things considered.

Americans really deserve all they are getting, in a spiritual, metaphysical sense, because of what they have allowed their government to do to the rest of the world, including forcing everyone to do sodomy on each other and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the Ukraine for reasons no one can seem to explain.

Not every American supports this, perhaps, but most of them refuse to openly oppose it, making various excuses. Those who do oppose it, and will do so openly – they will be protected by God from brain-eating bacteria.