Forget About Red-Pilling Your Uber Driver – They’re Monitoring Your Chit-Chat Now!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2019

Everyone loves talking to their Uber driver on the Saturday night drive home from da club because what do you have to lose? If you pick me up on a Saturday night, I guarantee that you’re going to come out of the experience knowing about the Jews and their lies – if you want those 5 stars, that is.

Sometimes it goes the other way though.

I’ve red-pilled a lot of Uber drivers in my time and they’re out there now, somewhere… red-pilling their passengers as we speak.


Uber will apparently start recording audio during rides in the US, as part of the ride-hailing company’s recent safety push. The feature will let users opt in for trips and come with a warning that journeys can be recorded, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The past few years have seen hundreds of Uber passengers and drivers alleging sexual assault during rides — several lawsuits have been brought against Uber by people saying they were raped and groped by drivers.

That’s a typo.

They were actually “groyped” – as in, asked a serious or thought-provoking red-pill question about the USS Liberty by their drivers.

Neither riders nor drivers will be able to listen to the recordings, the Post noted, and they’ll be encrypted for privacy purposes. After a trip, people will apparently get the chance to report a safety incident and send the recording to Uber customer support agents, who’ll assess the situation. 

All that good, clean, family fun is coming to an end now.

Uber will automatically take over your steering wheel and ram the vehicle into a tree if you mention key words like USS Liberty or start talking about the Cookie Monster.

Ride-sharing will simply become too dangerous in the future. 

That means that we’re all going to have to go full Kojima in the near future to survive.

I would advise everyone to start preparing your exo-suit now. We’re all going to be mass-banned from Uber and forced to haul our shit around on foot.

That’s what Hideo Kojima was trying to warn us about with Death Stranding. 

You thought this game was completely pointless?

In actual fact, /ourgeniusjap/ was making the ultimate point.

He was preparing us for a post-Uber world where only the strong will survive.

Bravo, Kojima. Bravo.