Former NATO Chief Says NATO Should Send Troops Into the Ukraine!

Do you think it’s a coincidence that NATO only appoints chiefs who meet the standards of the female sexual fantasy? And then that only women support this endless war agenda? I think the two things are related and purposeful.


Here it is.

They have brought the thing to life by verbalizing it.


Former NATO Secretary-General Anders Rasmussen has claimed that some member states could volunteer to send soldiers to Ukraine, if the country is not offered security assurances on a wide range of issues at an upcoming summit.

Rasmussen, who serves as an adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and worked with his predecessor, Pyotr Poroshenko, said Kiev should be given written guarantees before NATO leaders meet in Vilnius, Lithuania next month, including for Western intelligence-sharing, weapons transfers and joint military training.

“If NATO cannot agree on a clear path forward for Ukraine, there is a clear possibility that some countries individually might take action,” he said on Wednesday, according to The Guardian. 

“I think the Poles would seriously consider going in and assemble a coalition of the willing if Ukraine doesn’t get anything in Vilnius.”

After touring Europe and the United States in recent weeks to help gin up military support for Ukraine, Rasmussen argued that foreign troop deployments would be legal under international law if requested by Kiev.

The Ukraine is suffering from what is known as “being BTFO.” “BTFO” is an acronym for “blown the fuck out.”

Every attempt by the Ukraine to fight the Russians results in mass Ukrainian death, and very little Russian death. The war is one of attrition, where the Russians are attempting to kill all of the Ukraine’s fighting men. Even if they have unlimited equipment and money from NATO, they do not have unlimited soldiers.

More and more, we are hearing think tanks and other powerful people talk about sending NATO in, because in the short to medium term, there is going to be no other option. Either NATO will have to commit, or the Ukraine will have to negotiate peace.

The US and every other Western power has said that there are no circumstances under which they will tolerate a peaceful resolution to the conflict, which means that either:

  • They will have to change their minds, or
  • NATO will have to be sent in

There is no third option. There is obviously no universe in which the Ukraine itself wins a war against Russia.

Meanwhile, China has announced that there is “no limit” to their relationship with Russia, apparently a reference to Master P’s “No Limit Records.”

China cannot tolerate a ZOG-controlled Russia on its border, as that would signal the end for China, so a NATO invasion of the Ukraine would almost certainly trigger Chinese involvement in the conflict. China could drop in a million men in a matter of weeks.

Of course, that would just be World War III, because there would then be zero chance of containing the conflict in the Ukraine.

This is obviously what these NATO people want, and is apparently what much of Washington wants.

There is also a wing of Washington that is saying this is insane, that there is no military readiness, and that they should negotiate some kind of deal with Russia immediately.

No one knows how this is going to go. As I’ve said many times, basic game theory does not work, because the people making the decisions in the West do not qualify as “rational actors.”

Basically, the US broke its own strategy of using the power of the dollar to manipulate the world by doing the Russia sanctions, which caused the entire world – outside of the “international community” – to start looking for a way out of the dollar system.

There is now a countdown timer on the dollar system.

What this means is that the US is forced to totally change its own strategy. There was never a real plan for a third world war. War is a big part of the post-WWII US strategy, but it is limited war. The US has not prepared for a third world war in any meaningful way, and does not really have the capacity to fight that kind of war.

So, if we look at the Nash Equilibrium, we find that although the US/NATO/ZOG did not have anything to gain by changing strategies, they went ahead and did that anyway – despite the fact that they had no other strategy available.

Therefore, the future is totally unpredictable. There is some attempt to fix the dollar system, but at this point, the rest of the world wants out and the only way they can be cockblocked from escaping is via a war against Russia and China, wherein ZOG is able to successfully do a regime change in both countries (doing it in one or the other country would effectively force the capitulation of the other).

The other option is for the US to cut their losses and attempt to figure out a role in a “multipolar” system. This would create basic prisoner’s dilemma dynamics. The East has been trying to swerve, swerve, swerve, for decades now, but the West is showing no signs they’re ever going to swerve.

If they signaled a swerve, the East would also swerve, and allow the US to keep some kind of status on the global stage.

Maybe that is still possible, but that option is quickly disappearing.

Once China solidifies its program of peace through trade, you’re going to have what amounts to a unipolar world dominated by the Chinese merchant empire. There is zero chance that once they have the upper hand, the Chinese are going to continue to allow white people (i.e., the Hammer of the Jews) to continue to start wars everywhere and mess with their money.

The current strategy of the Chinese is to isolate the West, as they are simply too psycho and dangerous to be allowed to roam around the world doing war and revolution. The only thing the Chinese care about is money, and these wars and this endless strategy of chaos interfere with their money plans.