Former Queens Assistant Principal had “Sexual Contact” with Student, Investigation Reveals

We don’t even cover all the teacher-student sex stories. This happens constantly. That is, they get caught constantly – you have to think that a majority are not getting caught.

We are faced with a serious question: is there any female teacher at any school who is not having sex with the kids?

New York Post:

A former Queens assistant principal allegedly had “sexual contact” with a student in a classroom setting at a high school where she taught nearly two decades ago, according to a newly revealed state probe conducted in 2007.

Jessica Bader worked at George J. Ryan Middle School 216 in Fresh Meadows for nine years before taking a job in East Norwich, L.I., eventually becoming a principal there last September.

She abruptly resigned the next month, prompting concern and questions from district parents.

On Friday, a News 12 Long Island investigation exposed the decade-old scandal behind her short stay as school boss.

Bader, 51, allegedly had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student at East Meadow High School in 2004 and 2005, according to the state’s investigation.

It included kissing and fondling “in a classroom setting,” the state probe found.

During state hearings in 2007, Bader — who was not criminally charged because the student was not a minor — argued that the relationship was not inappropriate because it was consensual, the student was of legal age and not a student in any of her classes, according to the documents.

Here’s a thought: why don’t female teachers wear body cameras at school? There are a lot more cases of teachers having sex with teen boys than there are of cops killing “unarmed” blacks, and we instituted a nationwide policy of body cameras for the cops to prevent the next George Floyd (what it actually did was prove that in all these cases, the black was at fault, and basically ended the BLM movement).

I’m the number one person saying “this is not a big deal.” But what I mean is: “You should expect this, women can’t control themselves, they can’t see themselves as authority figures, when they get into a high school they start to view themselves as in sexual competition with the teen girls for the affection of the most desirable male students. You notice the boys are always ‘star athlete’ or some such status that gives them high sexual market place value. You can’t change the biology of women. Sorry. This is like bringing home pet termites and getting mad that they eat your floorboards.”

However, it’s also not really very good. It doesn’t happen in Afghanistan, by the way. Moslems are smart enough to understand the basic biological nature of women, so they don’t put women in these situations, because it’s not fair to anyone.

Do body cams. You’ll be shocked.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.