UK: Biofrontholes Being Scared Away from Sports by Trannies!

Biofrontholes are some of the most cowardly and hateful people on the planet.

The science has shown that a trans woman has zero advantage over a woman with a biological front hole, in sports or anywhere else.

The only reason you would refuse to play against brave trans individuals is that you are driven by pure hatred.

Daily Mail:

Women and girls across the country are quitting sports after being injured and intimidated by transgender competitors, a worrying report reveals.

Testimonies from across 25 different disciplines detail how girls as young as 12 have been forced to share changing rooms with biological adult males who say they identify as women.

The 28-page report reveals how some women and girls have suffered dislocations and even broken bones from being forced to compete against much heavier and muscular transgender athletes.

A world medalist judo athlete said she quit overnight after watching the 6ft 16st biological male break a woman’s finger and dislocate another’s shoulder on a training course.

Her mother told of her horror as the male-bodied athlete went on to ‘throw my daughter around the mat like a terrier with a rat in its mouth.’

While that is a very funny image, it’s not scientifically possible that a trans woman could do a terrier on a biohole.

This is just an excuse for the biohole to explain why she is not good at sports.

Maybe get good, cunt.

And a woman footballer told Fair Play For Women that she feels ‘afraid and isolated’ about sharing a changing room with a trans women after being sexually assaulted by a man.

She said: ‘I can’t bear to go to a club where there is the possibility I will be undressed and encounter a male in the changing room.

‘I also fear being tackled by a male. This whole prospect makes me feel sick.’

You know what makes me sick?

Irrational hatred.

Another testimony claims a trans woman over 60 was allowed to repeatedly walk through the changing rooms while 12-year-old girls changed into swimming costumes.

Olympic medalist Sharron Davies said: ‘These discriminatory policies are turning young girls and women off sport. This report shows that it’s already a big problem, and it’s only going to get worse if nothing is done.’

Sharron Davies, president of Fair Play for Women

Last year, UK Athletics announced a ban on transgender women from competing in the female category in all its events. But some organisers are still allowing trans athletes to compete against women.

Governing body Swim England announced last year that women swimmers will not have to compete against transgender competitors. British Cycling also banned trans women from women’s events.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges branded the decision as a ‘genocide against us’ and compared cycling chiefs to the Nazis.

I would go so far as to say they are worse than the Nazis.

Hitler only gassed the Jews. He didn’t prevent them from playing in sports.

Auschwitz had a soccer field, where Jews waiting to be gassed in fake shower rooms could play with fair competitive rules that respected all people.